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My Winter Beauty Favourites

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve purchased beauty products that truly stand out and make me want to shout about them. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I’ve neglected writing about beauty products for such a long time on my blog. It takes a lot for me to really be passionate about […]

The Christmas Tag

It’s finally December and Christmas is so close but seems so far away (especially with all of these Uni deadlines!). But I am pretty excited for Christmas, I’m always really festive in December and have always loved Christmas so much. I was tagged to do this by the lovely Little Bit Soph so I thought this […]

Body Shop Buys

I am not afraid to admit it, I’m literally addicted to the Body Shop. I spend so much time and money looking at and smelling all the pretty wonderful things they have on offer. But no matter how many scents I’ve tried, raspberry will always be my favourite. Partly because I love raspberries and partly […]