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Instagram pods: to stay or go?

  Let’s be honest, since the change to the Instagram algorithm, your engagement will either have skyrocketed further than you could have ever imagined, or it will have been completely shot to shit. I’m guessing for many if you’re reading this, it will be the latter. For this reason, we’ve seen a rise of Instagram […]

It’s time to get organised

We all know that running a blog can be extremely time consuming, especially if you have a full time job or if you’re a full time student. It can be hard and can sometimes seem impossible to make time for everything including growing your social media network, writing good content, taking photographs and creating a […]

The follow/unfollow game? Let’s not

This has been a topic which I have been discussing on Twitter a lot over the last few weeks with some of my blogger friends. So I felt as though it was something that I needed to write about because I needed to get some of these thoughts off my chest and I know so […]