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It’s okay to not be a morning person

I will put my hands up and say that I am not, nor have I ever really been a morning person. If you meet me before 8am then later in the afternoon, you’ll definitely see a difference. Unfortunately, a lot of things involve early starts and much of society revolves around early starts. I’m talking […]

The harsh reality of getting fit again

At the start of the New Year in 2016, we all said that this would be the year that we would get into shape and finally get back to the body that we actually wanted. I didn’t reach this point until February when I saw a picture of me that completely horrified me and had […]

The follow/unfollow game? Let’s not

This has been a topic which I have been discussing on Twitter a lot over the last few weeks with some of my blogger friends. So I felt as though it was something that I needed to write about because I needed to get some of these thoughts off my chest and I know so […]

The Christmas Tag

It’s finally December and Christmas is so close but seems so far away (especially with all of these Uni deadlines!). But I am pretty excited for Christmas, I’m always really festive in December and have always loved Christmas so much. I was tagged to do this by the lovely Little Bit Soph so I thought this […]

John Lewis Kick off the Festive Season!

Christmas is officially on its way! For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, John Lewis have released their 2014 Christmas Advert today. Eek SO EXCITING! I know most people hate most adverts on TV and the amount of time you spend watching them. But at this time of year, people have started to […]

Why Sex and the City Still Matters

In the last couple of weeks since I’ve gone back to my uni house, I’ve started watching the Sex and the City series from the beginning again. I do this at least a few times in a year because I love the show so much. I do this with a few of my favourite TV […]

Chanel No5 Film

Last week, Chanel was the name on everyone’s lip as they released a new Chanel No5 video. With Chanel No5 being such an iconic perfume, this was a big deal in the fashion world. I absolutely can’t stop watching this film, I just find it extremely captivating. I find it amazing that Chanel can make […]

Britain's Lost Women

Britain’s Lost Women

I’ve neglected this section of my blog for quite a while now. This is mainly because my attention has been on other areas of my blog because my life has been centred around things like beauty, fitness, travel and entertainment in the last few months. But I felt like this topic was something I had […]

Hating on Lord of the Flies

My brother routinely calls me ‘The Destroyer of the Classics’ because everytime I start to read a book that’s described as a classic, I’m always disappointed with it. Well, at least the majority of the time (My favourite is To Kill a Mockingbird because Harper Lee is a genius). I’m ashamed to say it but it […]

Lush: Mask of Magnaminty

Recently, I feel like my skin has lost a little bit of its’ natural glow and my pores seem to be annoyingly acting up lately, probably due to wearing make-up for 90% of the time. I’m sure many other females reading this will feel my pain. So obviously, my best solution was to take a […]