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Saved by Lush R&B

Before I start this post I’m going to admit something I’m not exactly proud of. But here goes. I am absolutely AWFUL for not getting my hair cut regularly. I will leave it months and months before I remember. This isn’t really down to pure laziness, but my hair takes such a long time to […]

tangle teezer pink

Tangle Teezer Love

I’ve wanted a tangle teezer for such a long time but I’ve never felt like I can justify paying £10.99 for a hairbrush (basically). Oh the problems of student life! But last weekend I used my trusty Boots advantage card points to treat myself to one of these after a hard week of uni work […]

Split Ends Quick Fix

Similar to many other girls out there, I have a serious problem with getting lots of split ends, especially because I seem to torture my hair with dip dye and straighteners and about a million other styling items. Oops. But it is a necessity because without all this tweaking of my hair, I tend to […]