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The follow/unfollow game? Let’s not

This has been a topic which I have been discussing on Twitter a lot over the last few weeks with some of my blogger friends. So I felt as though it was something that I needed to write about because I needed to get some of these thoughts off my chest and I know so […]

The Christmas Tag

It’s finally December and Christmas is so close but seems so far away (especially with all of these Uni deadlines!). But I am pretty excited for Christmas, I’m always really festive in December and have always loved Christmas so much. I was tagged to do this by the lovely Little Bit Soph so I thought this […]

Britain's Lost Women

Britain’s Lost Women

I’ve neglected this section of my blog for quite a while now. This is mainly because my attention has been on other areas of my blog because my life has been centred around things like beauty, fitness, travel and entertainment in the last few months. But I felt like this topic was something I had […]

Advertising Fail

As it’s usually on television in between soaps and general daytime television, I’m sure more of you by now would have seen the Flora ‘Wrestling’ advert. If you haven’t watch the video for it. I’m sure you’ll notice straightaway how blatantly obvious it is that the whole advert is centred around the children walking in […]

Carters rule the Grammys 2014

I think so many people this week have been raving about the Grammys 2014, especially the performance of Beyonce and Jay-Z with Drunk In Love. To be honest, it is so easy to see why. Beyonce does tend to have a loyal following where people become insanely enthusiastic whenever she releases new music or does live performances, […]

Katie Hopkins, Go Away Please

In the last few months there has been a lot of talk surrounding Katie Hopkins and her blunt opinions on things from childhood obesity, to whether children should be allowed to be friends with other children with certain names (like tiffany). And her opinions just seem to be more blunt and insulting almost every time. […]