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How to spend a weekend in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the home of Harry Potter, a hilltop castle and much more. There’s a reason why this city has firmly cemented its place as one of the UK’s top 10 most visited cities (having only recently been knocked off the second spot by Manchester). As Scotland’s capital, it perfectly encapsulates the old and the new […]

Planning a weekend in Dublin: don’t leave it to the luck of the Irish

Whenever I’ve planned weekend city breaks, Dublin has always been on my list of considerations not only because it’s another Celtic city but because it has a reputation that truly precedes it. But somehow, I’ve never made it across that bit of Celtic sea for lots of different reasons – limited budgets, bad British weather, […]

Steak on Six, The Celtic Manor

Not all dining experiences are made equal. Fundamentally, we all know this but sometimes we can forget what ‘great’ really feels like, especially when we become accustomed to eating out, even if it’s at our favourite restaurants or our staple go-tos. I find it’s something that you can easily take for granted, so we tend […]

Getting started with weight training

Whenever people start to incorporate exercise into our routines, most of us will usually turn to cardio to help us get started. Hell, that’s exactly what I did. Running is free and you can go at your own pace – what’s not to love? But what if you’re looking for a little more variety in […]

The Pot Bistro

Although a relatively small city, I believe that we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out in Cardiff. It’s undeniable that the food and drink industry is filled with uncertainty UK-wide right now, especially with the news of Jamie’s Italian going into administration very recently. However, I feel as though our city is […]

A long weekend of living Danishly in Copenhagen

In the past several years, it feels as though elements of Danish culture have been thrust into the limelight, particularly in the UK, with author, Helen Russell, publishing her books, the Year of Living Danishly and most recently, Gone Viking. We can also thank Meik Wiking for his Hygge and Lykke books, which became a […]

How to spend a weekend in Reykjavik

If you have an interest in Viking culture and have the urge to see the Northern Lights, I’m positive that Reykjavik has made it onto your bucket list of destinations. With beautiful landscapes and the promise of so many incredible experiences, there’s a reason why Iceland saw over 2 million visitors in 2017. To put […]

How to spend a weekend in Prague

Following to 1989 Velvet Revolution which saw the Czech Republic freed from communism, Prague has become one of Europe’s most beloved cities and is considered an increasingly popular weekender hotspot, even more so over the past several years thanks to the frequency of flights and the overall affordability of the destination. As the city nicknamed […]

X Scream, Rhondda Heritage Park

With Halloween just around the corner, horror films are being dusted off and making appearances in households across the country. Despite fighting the urge initially, many of us will usually end up screaming at the characters on our TV screens with commands like, ‘Don’t go in there!’ or simply ‘Just run.’ We learnt this response […]

Camden Market

Camden Market

For those visiting London, Camden market has become an incredibly popular attraction and has been a secure part of the city’s history since 1974. Originally, it only housed 16 stalls and was only open on Sundays but now, Camden market is home to over 1,000 stalls with a diverse offering of food, creative stalls and […]