All About the Experience…in a pandemic? Sure.

For a blog titled ‘All About the Experience’ the last year hasn’t given me a whole lot to write about, as I’m sure you can imagine. Like everyone else, I’ve been busy trying to adapt and get through the pandemic so that’s meant getting a home office set up pretty quickly, lots of Zooms (personal and professional, obv), getting enthusiastic about home workouts, baking banana bread and lots more. It’s meant a lot of time away from my loved ones, an impact on my mental wellbeing and a general feeling of just ‘surviving’ rather than living, which hasn’t done anyone any good. 

Now, this isn’t going to be a blog full of complaints. In the grand scheme of things, I have remained pretty lucky. Lucky to have a job that’s paid my bills and allowed me to be creative; a partner I enjoy living with; a disposable income that has enabled me to enjoy the simple things in life, and the delicious (hello, Humble at Home); as well as loved ones who have kept checking in constantly, despite facing personal challenges of their own.

As we all count down to the end of this lockdown in Wales, like many others I’ve been questioning what I would like my post-lockdown life to look like. I’d like to say that I will never turn down a night out again, I will never complain about early starts for long-distance gatherings or that I’ll enjoy every single plane ride because it’s taking me to a new destination. But I don’t think that would be very honest of me. Instead, I’m generally nervous about returning to pre-COVID ‘normal’. For instance, returning to general the speed at which things moved before, the busy badge of honour so many of us wore because we’re “so-important”, right? No, it’s pretty much bullshit.

Instead, I’ll be more inclined to enjoy the simple things of life. Like being able to stroll to my favourite coffee shop on a rainy afternoon with a new book, and just watch the world go by. Or going to see my best friend and her baby without worry or concern. Or dropping in to my mum’s house for a cuppa and maybe even a Sunday dinner (dare I dream?). And while there’s a lot I look forward to leaving behind from lockdown, there are also things I would like to take forward. Including my love of working out from anywhere thanks to The Body Coach and Alice Liveing, or long walks with my partner and beagle, or stopping just to look up at the stars every once in a while. 

What I’m really saying here is that the last 12 months+ haven’t really been packed full of the experiences I would usually write about here, like my love of travel, eating out or a new PB at the gym. But I think that before lockdown lifts, we can all take a moment to really take stock of what we’ve learnt, of what’s important, and what our truth will be post-lockdown (yes, I read the Fearne Cotton book and if you haven’t, you should too).

And remember take care, we’re almost there. 

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