Steak on Six, The Celtic Manor

Not all dining experiences are made equal. Fundamentally, we all know this but sometimes we can forget what ‘great’ really feels like, especially when we become accustomed to eating out, even if it’s at our favourite restaurants or our staple go-tos. I find it’s something that you can easily take for granted, so we tend to sit up and take notice when something special comes along. And this is why I’m talking about Steak on Six, the Celtic Manor’s award-winning Signature restaurant. I was recently lucky enough to pay the restaurant a visit and I couldn’t wait to tuck into a three-course menu.

Based, as you guessed it, on the sixth floor of the Celtic Manor Resort with spectacular views of Newport and beyond, Steak on Six is an adults-only restaurants, with smart-casual dress code. Renowned for its steak, the restaurant has managed to uphold its classy vibe while also incorporating some decor that I would expect to see in the Southern parts of the USA. This is definitely a venue which would top your usual date night locations, so we had to get a little dressed up for the occasion.


From the moment we arrived on the sixth floor, we were greeted into such an inviting, friendly environment, far from the slightly intimidating welcome that I was slightly expecting (no imposter syndrome at all, honestly). As we were a little early for our booking, we took to the Signature lounge to enjoy a few cocktails before our meals. Of course, I had to choose something pretty, opting for a raspberry favoured Prosecco cocktail while my boyfriend went a little more simple and stuck with the favourite gin and tonic. But while we were here, the dinner menus were brought to us, giving us a chance to peruse the options before even arriving at our table – quite slick. 


It didn’t take me very long to decide what I was looking for – something a little out of the ordinary with that added wow factor, especially for my starters. So of course, I chose the scallops served with bacon and seasonal vegetables. The portion looked small but it packed a punch, with the meaty texture from the scallops and slightly salty flavours from the bacon. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed scallops more – we were off to a fantastic start.


Of course, when it came to the steak, I had to order my beloved rump steak. This was served with beef croquette and the Steak on Six take on Tatws Pum Munud or five minute potatoes. I also decided to add the forest mushroom sauce and garlic mushrooms as something a little extra, thinking that my portion might be small. It wasn’t. Plus my sauce and sides could have been split between the two of us – I’ll know better next time. But then again, all the better to enjoy myself, even if it did feel slightly on the gluttonous side. Usually, Steak on Six gives you the option to choose your ‘weapon of choice’ for cutting your steak, offering up a range of different knives to help you tackle your dinner. However, we weren’t given this option on our visit but I think it was a slight oversight. Instead of waitress appeared with glasses of Prosecco as a peace offering and none of us said a word. We were all pretty happy with that result I believe. But onto dessert. We were pretty full at this point but were totally ready to tackle the sweets section of the menu. Again, I was searching for something a little different so settled on pistachio ice cream served with a pumpkin tart. It sounds like this pairing shouldn’t work, but there’s something quite fantastic about this combination. In the end, I left feeling satisfied and incredibly full. IMG_0219Dining of this calibre isn’t cheap and I completely believe that visits to restaurants like this should be reserved for celebrations or those really special occasions, helping to set the evening apart from the rest. I think what the Celtic Manor and Steak on Six has created here is a guest experience which is both welcoming and inviting but incredibly classy at the same time – that’s not always an easy combination to master. But I would absolutely love to visit and do this all over again, maybe with a resort stay next time too so I can enjoy the Signature lounge a little more. So if you get the chance or if you’re looking for some a little different to try, Steak on Six has got you covered. 

For the full menu and to book your table, click here. 

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