Where to eat in Seville

You only have to walk down a side street in Seville to realise how many restaurants, tapas bars and bodegas that there are in this city. With this plethora of options, it can seem quite daunting and the possibility of stumbling into a less than average eatery is not desirable for anyone, especially when you’re on holiday. Although that’s quite an unlikely occurrence in Seville, I wanted to share some of my favourite places where we ate whilst on our trip.


Vineria San Telmo
This was our first foodie stop in the city. We took our seats outdoors and ordered a glass of red wine almost immediately. This is predominantly a tapas restaurant so we decided to split a few dishes between the two of us. Altogether we ordered squid spaghetti, panco prawns, patatas bravas and a leg of lamb. As you can tell from the dishes listed, this restaurant has such a wide range of options and these were more than enough to fill us up for a few hours. All of the tapas were very high quality and tasted delicious without a hefty price tag attached. It’s in a great location just around the corner from the Real Alcázar so it’s certainly a must-visit.


Perro Viejo
This is an incredibly popular fusion tapas bar in the centre of the city, just a stone’s throw away from the Metropol Parasol. It opens at 8.30pm after closing its day shift at 4.30pm and when we visited, people were queuing up outside to ensure they got a seat, so I would certainly recommend booking your space if you’re thinking of visiting this one. Alongside our wine, we ordered patatas bravas, olives, Malaysian cod and mussels lemongrass curry, Iberico ham nuggets and leeks with hollandaise truffles. The chefs here offer more modern style tapas and if this is something that you’d enjoy, I’d highly recommend the Malaysian curry. It was made of magical flavours and stood out tremendously against the rest of the dishes for me.


We stopped here following a recommendation from our Devour Tours guide as we were looking for fantastic montadito sandwiches. Just a few streets away from the Metropol Parasol, this is quite a small venue but is perfect for a lunchtime stop. The sandwiches are the main pull here as they are incredibly tasty, served with guacamole and crisps and are super cheap. It’s a great place to have a mid-day recharge at a budget price. Plus, the potatoes with aioli are a must-try.


Sal Gorda
We visited this restaurant with Devour Seville tours so knew this was going to be a good one. The tapas are quite traditional with a slightly modern twist which makes them both incredibly tasty and interesting. While we were there, we sampled cannelloni, prawn risotto, grilled seabream with ajoblanco and pig cheek. All dishes were fantastic but my favourite was the prawn risotto so make sure you give this a try. And they have an excellent selection of wines too.



Arte y Solera
This restaurant was selected based on TripAdvisor reviews and the need to find a date night restaurant that would accept bookings online. But Arte y Solera certainly excelled any expectations I initially had, even for Seville. While we were there, we sampled the patatas bravas; lamb with smoky aubergine and black olive powder; monkfish and shrimp croquettes; marinated tuna with soy and ginger dressing and also tenderloin with creamy sweet potato. All of the dishes were absolutely delicious, especially the tuna, which prompted us to return again on our visit to the city. Plus, our waiter also introduced us to dessert sherry, which I could have gone back to over-and-over again.


La Cata Ciega
La Cata Ciega is a Michelin Guide restaurant but it may not appear so from the outside. This is a very much a hole-in-the-wall establishment, only allowing around 15 diners at any one time, making it quite an understated venue. But it offers an incredibly friendly and cosy vibe with an authentic tapas feel. Plus, the food is pretty good too. We ordered the octopus timbale; king prawns with leeks and old mustard; poached egg, wild mushroom, a PX sweet wine reduction and bacon, which was quite a mix and certainly offers a lot more variety than some other tapas bars in the city. I’d recommend this tapas bar if you’re looking for good quality, cheap eats.


Of course, there are so many other wonderful places in Seville to eat. It’s a city which does food very well, has a great knowledge of wine and doesn’t look to overprice its dishes in comparison to many other cities. I would recommend checking TripAdvisor if you’re stumbling into a new place but there appear to be very few tourist traps in Seville. But don’t forget, avoid restaurants which have models of food outside, you know they aren’t any good…



  1. Hope to be in Seville in the next year or so – I will refer back to this. Ace!

    1. Ahh awesome! I’m going back again next year so I will hopefully have a few things to add!

  2. Ooh, it all looks fabulous! Seville is on my (long) list of places to visit – your post has cemented it!

    1. Thank you. I hope you do visit, it’s an incredible city

  3. Seville is an amazing place. I did a trip around Granada, Cordoba, & Seville last year and found that whilst each of them were special in their own right, Seville was definitely the best for food! I did a tapas & history tour whilst there (can’t remember if it was Devour, and it was amazing!

    1. That sounds like an amazing trip, I’m very jealous! How did you find Granada? It’s definitely on my list of places to check out! I think Spanish cities do food incredibly well and Seville just knows how to create those memorable foodie experiences. Thanks for reading x

      1. Granada is incredible – I fell in love with it. I think it helped that my apartment literally overlooked the Alhambra. It was so beautiful.

  4. Oh my gosh I love this post! I’m hoping to travel to Seville soon and this just sparked the inner wanderlust in me.

    xo Logan

    1. I’m glad it was useful to you! I hope you love Seville as much as I do x

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