Where to eat in Verona

Like any Italian city, Verona is full of eateries with plentiful options available at most of them, so you’ll have a whole host of possibilities to explore. Whether you’re searching for the traditional dishes in Verona such as Gnocchi, Bigoli, Polenta or Pastissada de caval (horsemeat stew if you’re not sure of that translation), you’ll want to make sure you eat well and you have a bellissimo affair. After all, when you visit any new city, you want to make sure that the whole experience is enjoyable and for me, the food is a big part of that. So if you’re a little bit like me and think good food is essential to any trip, here are a few foodie options to get you started on your journey in Verona.Verona

Trattoria Arco dei Gavi

Located just across the street from the beautiful Arc dei Gavi and the iconic Castelvecchio, this little Trattoria is a great place to start for a cheap, hearty meal, which also tastes pretty great. Come here for traditional types of dishes such as the horsemeat gnocchi and delightful desserts like the famous tiramisu or Panna Cotta. On my visit, I ordered macaroni with sausage and pumpkin for my main meal which cost just €8, and a berry compote Panna Cotta for dessert. For our two mains, two desserts and a bottle of wine, this cost us just €42, so it was a very reasonably priced dinner.

Bigoli Amo

You can’t visit Italy without eating some delicious pasta and if you just fancy a quick bite, you can visit Bigoli Amor for your lunchtime, take away pasta fix. For just €6 per pot, you can order incredibly fresh pasta made right in front of your eyes with a selection of different sauces and toppings including tomato and basil, pesto and many more. This was an incredibly hearty (Italian) portion size and perfect for keeping you going at lunchtime in between some city sightseeing.

La Piazzetta Ristorante

We came here after reading a few recommendations online, so knew this was a perfect city date night location and it truly didn’t disappoint. On our visit, I ordered Fassone beef cheek with Recioto sweet red wine and dark chocolate glaze served with a potato souffle and my boyfriend decided to order the same. This dish was packed full of flavour, with the beef cheek incredibly tender and mouthwatering, and the potato souffle was tastefully light and airy. Aside from the delicious mains, if you’re looking for vegan options, this restaurant is packing some seriously delightful options. If you visit, even if you aren’t vegan, take advantage of the delicious vegan chocolate cake with whipped cream – you won’t be disappointed. Plus the customer service here is pretty awesome so I would highly recommend stopping here but book ahead as it can get quite busy.

Ristorante Tre Marchetti

Located just a stone’s throw away from the Verona Arena, Ristorante Tre Marchetti is a restaurant which boasts many Michelin recognised stickers, beckoning foodies to visit from outside. This is not a cheap stop due to its location and accolades, and has a higher service charge than most other restaurants in Verona, but it hosts a lovely, classic Italian style setting and a very varied food offering, including the mushroom and truffles ravioli, which I took advantage of. The presentation of food here is quite classy with some very grand serving plates and waiters that are more than attentive. 

Gelateria Amorino

Gelateria AmorinoCome here in search of delightful gelato and if you’re really looking for a treat, you can top your dessert off with a macaroon – when in Verona, you know? Sticking to (mostly) dairy-free, I opted for raspberry and dark chocolate sorbet with a raspberry macaroon for some extra decoration. Based just a few short steps from the beautiful Piazza delle Erbe, this little stop is very much a treat without the extortionate price tag so you might as well order a large cup.

The food and drink served in this little Italian city is just another reason to fall in love with Verona. With beautifully romantic settings, gorgeously designed plates and quite reasonable prices for hearty portion sizes, there’s so much on offer on Verona’s food scene that you’ll want to take advantage of. So if you’re paying a visit to the city, I would recommend giving these few places a try, especially if you don’t know where to start – you won’t regret it.


  1. Would absolutely love to visit Verona. Went to sorrento a few years back and absolutely love it! The food in Verona looks amazing. Can’t get over that little pasta snack pot, wish they sold stuff like that here xx

    1. Sorrento is absolutely stunning! I went when I was very young but I’d love to go back! If you do get chance to go to Verona though, I hope you enjoy it xx

  2. I absolutely love Verona! It’s so beautiful with so many different places to eat and I love your suggestions especially Gelateria Amorino!

    Samantha | https://believeinamiracle.co.uk

    1. Thank you! Verona is such a beautiful city and I wish we could have explored more food places but there’s always next time x

  3. Nice post! 🙂 I love it :))

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