Bigmoose Coffee Co

There’s something pretty great about businesses that have a true purpose, something bigger than simply making a profit or making their brand well-known. The latest company to join Cardiff city centre is Bigmoose Coffee Co, a brand with one hell of a purpose and a positive message. After spending several years supporting the homeless people of Cardiff through food, warm drinks and countless other resources that they could offer, the father and daughter team, Jeff and Chloe, decided to set up a not-for-profit coffee house called, Bigmoose Coffee Co. The aim of this venture is to help one homeless person at a time with training in hospitality, then this person will go on to have a job with Bigmoose until they are ready to move on. Then, another person in need can join the team for support and so on. After hearing about this coffee shop with a purpose, I couldn’t wait to pay them a visit.

Bigmoose Coffee Co


Away from the hustle and bustle of Queen Street, tucked away in the quiet side street, Frederick Street, this venue offers a quaint setting for you to enjoy your coffee alongside the natural and brightly themed decor. I stopped by for a visit on its second Saturday of operation yet already, some customers appeared to have found their way here, so it was lovely to see the venue in a relatively busy environment in its early days.

Bigmoose Coffee CoIMG_9661

We sat by the window, to appreciate some of the natural Spring light and I was immediately pleased to find that they offer soya milk, so I was able to order my beloved soya latte for £2.50 while I perused the rest of the menu. From first impressions, this seems like the perfect place to enjoy a breakfast or brunch, with the menu featuring items like peanut butter on toast, eggs and avocado on toast or if you fancy something with a bit more substance, they also offer Italian meat with pesto, tomato and mozzarella on your bread of choice. 




However, on this particular day, I fancied something a little sweeter. So, I opted for the banana dish, served on my preferred white bread with maple syrup, coconut cream and pecan nuts. For £5, I thought this was an absolute bargain and was quite different to brunch dishes that I’d find elsewhere, helping me to feel satisfied without any sickly, over-indulged regrets. Also, as it used coconut cream instead of regular cream, it meant that I could enjoy this treat without any worries. I would absolutely order this again – what a pick-me-up!

Bigmoose Coffee Co


My boyfriend decided to opt for a more savoury plate, choosing the hearty ‘Italian’ dish thanks to his ongoing love of Italian meats. Also costing £5, this plate was absolutely jam-packed and again, seemed to be great value for money. I did sample a little bit of the pesto and it was lovely, with the taste of the hard cheese shining through. Perhaps I’ll order this dish on my return, minus the mozzarella, obviously.fullsizeoutput_10aeThis whole venue is completely warm and inviting – from the fresh flowers on the tables, the bright atmosphere, the incredibly friendly staff and little touches like the ‘Be Kind’ writing in the bathroom printed in reverse in preparation for selfies – they’ve thought of everything. It’s easy to see how this will become another one of my favourite coffee spots in the city and I’ve already told my friends and family about it, directions included. I think that what I loved so much was that everyone here seemed so incredibly passionate about the mission of Bigmoose, with the overall aim of ‘leaving the world better than we found it.’ I left feeling incredibly satisfied and pretty inspired after speaking to the owners about their story – after all, there’s always room to do a little good in the world. I wish the team here the best of luck and I’m already looking forward to stopping by again.


Bigmoose Coffee Co


  1. Wow this place looks amazing! Really inviting and aesthetically pleasing. I need to check it out!

    1. Yeah it’s a great one for the Insta shots! Well worth a visit c

  2. This looks like a good place to have coffee. Never knew it was there

    1. It’s really new and worth checking out!

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