Milk & Sugar, Windsor Place

If you haven’t yet heard of it, Milk & Sugar is an independent chain of cafes and coffee shops dotted around the heart of Cardiff’s city centre. With venues at Windsor Place, Capital Tower, Cardiff’s Old Library, One Central Square and most recently, Brunel House, Milk & Sugar is well and truly taking Cardiff by storm. Of course, all of the venues are very different and each has its own benefits.

Milk& Sugar

Although I absolutely adore the wide open space and beautiful natural lighting in Cardiff’s Old Library, my favourite venue is based on Windsor Place. In fact, Windsor Place is quickly becoming a home away from home for me. I’ll frequently come here to work, thanks to the free Wi-Fi, and people watch. But it’s also becoming a place where I’ll come to relax with a much-needed soy latte or get my brunch if I’m in need of a pick-me-up that day, or simply, just because.

Of course, as I frequent this place so often, I feel like I’m now a character from Cheers where instead of everyone knowing my name, they know my regular order and understand that I’ll probably be sat ordering more drinks for a few hours with my laptop under my arm. The staff will open a tab for me if I chose to do that which is much appreciated.


Aside from the lovely staff and great location, there are quite a few other reasons why I love Milk & Sugar. Let me start with the hot drinks. Usually, when I visit any venue I will order my beloved soy latte – it’s almost a signature order for me to give me the caffeine kick I require on a daily basis. But on a few occasions here, I’ve chosen to opt for a soy chai latte because it seems to be perfectly warming, comforting and to me, it tastes like Christmas in a cup. And of course, it can look wonderful in a photograph too.


But I also love the food options here not only because they taste good but because the produce is fresh, which makes me feel like I’m making more of a health-conscious decision when choosing my lunch. One of my favourite dishes to order is poached eggs with avocado and chilli flakes with brown bread. This sounds like quite a simple choice and in essence, it is. But every time I visit, my poached eggs are perfectly runny and the whole dish is seasoned flawlessly. Also, I consider it to be a reasonably priced meal which fills me up for quite some time – a coffee and this dish will usually cost under £10. I really should change it up a little when I visit but when you find something you love, it’s hard to give it up. Plus, I get really excited whenever the prospect of poached eggs are involved.


The Windsor Place Milk & Sugar is now one of my favourite locations in Cardiff for brunch/ lunch options and I’m certainly not the only one who feels this way. Weekday lunchtimes frequently see this place packed out which is obviously a tribute to its great food, welcoming nature and strong, smooth tasting coffee. If you haven’t already taken the time to visit one of the Milk & Sugar venues, I highly recommend that you do – you certainly won’t regret it.


  1. Love this post!
    I walk past this cafe every day and have never made it in, this post is pushing me through the doors this weekend!
    Those poached eggs look to die for!!

    1. That’s so lovely to hear! You should definitely pay them a visit, the eggs are always delicious! X

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