What I’m currently reading

I absolutely adore reading and it’s a hobby that I’ve enjoyed since I was very young, always searching for a new story or for new information. But I find that whenever I read, it will usually go between two extremes – either I can’t stop reading and will churn through a few books over a couple of weeks or I’ll be reading nothing at all. For some reason, there never seems to be a happy medium for me. Right now, I’m currently going through a bookworm phase and surprisingly have three books on the go – yes I know, extremes. For my blog post, I wanted to share the three books that are currently grabbing my attention and not letting go.


Lauren Graham – Talking as fast as I can
Lauren Graham is a much-loved actress, starring in the much-adored TV show, Gilmore Girls. Released just one week after Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was first shown on Netflix, this book is an autobiography and looks back on her life and experiences in a way that is both reflective with a very comical twist which makes her personality shine through the pages. For this reason, it’s no wonder that this reached the New York Times best-sellers list. With every word, anecdote or funny comment, this book has me hooked.


Meik Wiking – Lykke
It seems like everyone and their mum read Meik’s book, Hygge which was published in 2016. Like many others, I’ve read that book several times over and was thrilled to find out that CEO of the Happiness Institute in Copenhagen, Meik, had also recently released Lykke. With the title quite literally meaning ‘happiness’, in this book, he discusses how people from all over the world search for and measure levels of happiness, providing inspiration to everyone who reads this to create more of a positive and friendly lifestyle with those around them. It’s a really interesting, encouraging read and certainly provokes a lot of thought. 



Richard I’Anson – Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Photography Tips
Those who know me will already know this but I absolutely adore taking photographs but I’m certainly not professional, not even in the slightest. But this book provides useful tips around capturing the best photos possible, whether you have a DSLR camera or simply a trusty iPhone at your disposal. Whatever tool you use, this book is set to help you improve your skills and your pictures, even if you’re a very basic amateur, like me.

Lonely Planet Photography tips


  1. oh my days! I love your blog! Its so easy to read and looks amazing! xxxx

    1. Thank you lovely xx

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