My 2018 travel plans

I can’t believe that we’re in 2018 already. Last year seemed to absolutely fly by but during that time, I was very lucky to have undertaken some incredible trips abroad including Paris, Rome, Seville and Barcelona. Yes, 2017 was pretty special for me but once again, I’m starting another year with some travel plans already secured but also with more in the pipeline. But for now, I wanted to share a post about the cities I’ll be heading to this year and give a little explanation about why I’m visiting.

February – Venice, Italy
I knew about this a little while ago as my boyfriend is quite bad at surprises, but for my Christmas present, my boyfriend has arranged for us to take a trip to Venice the day after Valentine’s Day for a six-day vacation. I’ve visited Venice just once before, only for a day trip, but I completely fell head-over-heels for the city. It’s a destination unlike any other, filled with beautiful scenery, architecture, food and the famous gondola rides that I’m very excited to try once again. While we’re there, we’re planning to do another food tour with the Roman Guy as we enjoyed our experience in Rome so much – watch this space for my posts about our experience.

May – Verona, Italy
VeronaGreat minds think alike. I booked this trip for my boyfriend’s Christmas present which started as a surprise but he burst my bubble on this one. In Italy’s Northern region, Verona is well known for being a city of love after it was made world-famous by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and is now home to Juliet’s balcony which sees countless visitors every day. Verona is a bustling city with much to offer including a Roman theatre, beautiful churches and carefully crafted bridges across the Adige, all which makes this a very photogenic city. I visited for a day trip previously but didn’t get the chance to see very much. So I’m very excited to head back here, try some of the food and take some gorgeous pictures, perhaps squeezing in some time to visit my beloved Lake Garda once again too.

June – Seville, Spain
Plaza de España
If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I visited Seville in 2017 and completely fell in love with the city. Having been listed as one of Lonely Planet’s top destinations for 2018, Seville is a beautiful destination with famous Gothic architecture, delicious food and incredibly warm weather. I decided that I haven’t finished with Seville and I felt like I need to spend more time here as three days definitely wasn’t enough. So I’ll be spending my 24th birthday here and I’m incredibly excited.

December – Lisbon, Portugalalfama-2165717_1920To celebrate New Year’s Eve, my boyfriend and I will be heading to Lisbon in 2018. As the capital of Portugal, Lisbon is full of beautifully coloured buildings, cobbled streets, white-dome Cathedrals and fantastic panoramic views. Although December is one of the coolest months in Lisbon, the temperature will still be pleasant and I for one will be more than happy to reign in the New Year in a warmer climate.

I have a lot of wonderful things planned for the first few months of 2018 and I’m incredibly excited to visit three of these wonderful cities again but I’m certain that they will all offer different experiences, and I’ve very excited for my first trip to Lisbon. However, I already know that I want to plan other trips in 2018, whether they’re abroad or staycations in the UK because I’m always looking for somewhere new to explore. Where will you be travelling to in 2018?



  1. I love how you both booked to go to Italy together!

    1. Ha, yes I think it’s safe to say we’re both a little in love with the place!

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