Bath Christmas Market

I know that for many, Bath Christmas Market officially marks the start of the festive season and from that visit on, the countdown is underway. For that reason, I know that the Christmas Market is an essential visit for those countless people in the UK and those further afield who venture to the city in the lead up to December 25. However, for me, this was my first year attending the Christmas market. Unfortunately, working in retail in previous years and a busy schedule has prevented me from taking the hour-long drive out of Cardiff to this unique and picturesque city during the holidays. But thankfully, on the opening weekend of the market, I managed to take the trip with two of my wonderful friends.

Bath Christmas Market

We arrived on a Sunday morning and despite not reaching our destination at the crack of dawn, we managed to park so easily in a city centre car park. As soon as we stepped into the city, the festivities were well and truly thrown upon us. With Christmas lights, icy weather, seasonal music and over 200 Christmas stalls on show across countless streets, it was hard not to feel festive – I was instantly thrilled!


We started by strolling towards the iconic Bath Abbey, where just outside this beautiful city church stood a towering Christmas tree to greet visitors. Decorated so simply with gold twinkle lights, the tree matched the classy feel I frequently associate with this honey-coloured city.

After then doing a quick circle of the market, we began by ordering some drinks. I, of course, decided to opt for a seasonal mulled wine with brandy and a Bratwurst sausage in a bun. Sadly, both of my hands were occupied at this point so I didn’t manage to take a photo but for the two items, this cost me £10, money which I was more than happy to pay for these tasty delights. After all, it’s only Christmas once a year!

Bath Christmas Market

A further stroll around led me to realise how much the market really has to offer. There were hand-made decorations, personalised gifts, great food to try and some truly unique items on offer. After a little deliberation, I decided to purchase a small bag of jormaepourri, ready to find its place on our Christmas tree at home to help make my living room smell festively scented.  My friend also bought some of this dried, scented fruit to fill her home but her selection was much larger and was made into a decorative Christmas wreath, ready to be the welcome point of her home over the holidays.

IMG_7649.JPGI was also lucky enough to find a stall which offered handmade Christmas tree decorations and ornaments and I managed to find a handmade decoration of Santa Claus to take home for my mum, which only cost me £4. Every year, we aim to add at least one decoration to our collection – it’s one of our traditions. So I was delighted to bring this little goodie home and I can’t wait to put it to use on our beloved Christmas tree.

Bath Christmas Market

Of course, as well as visiting the Christmas market, we made time to take a look around the shops in search of the perfect presents for our loved ones. I managed to pick up a few goodies to add to my boyfriend’s Christmas bag, so all-in-all it was a successful and much-valued trip for me. We spent hours here and I could honestly have spent longer perusing the stalls with a hot drink in hand. Perhaps next year I’ll have to book a night in the city to ensure I take enough advantage of all that Bath’s Christmas market has to offer and to drink mulled wines to my heart’s content. But for now, I want to recommend that everyone else take a trip here for the holiday season.  


The Christmas Market is free to visit and is open every day from Thursday 23rd November – Sunday 10th December 2017.


  1. It looks so pretty there!! I love that Christmas tree in the background.

    1. It’s really beautiful! I would highly recommend visiting x

  2. Abi Street · · Reply

    I’ve wanted to go for the past few years but just couldn’t make it! I doubt I will have time to go this year so instead i’m just going to swoon over everyones lush photos! This post has made me crave a mulled wine or 10

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. It’s beautiful and I can’t believe it’s the first year I’ve managed to go! I’d love to go again! The mulled wine was so lush too. If you’re craving some, try some from Nine Yards in town 😏x

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