Brunch at Penylan Pantry

Brunch is quickly becoming one of my favourite past times, especially on weekends. It involves eggs, coffee, usually some lovely company and doesn’t require getting up at the crack of dawn to enjoy these things. I think we’re particularly lucky that there are so many adorable places to enjoy brunch in Cardiff and there are a good few places which do it particularly well for a reasonable price. One of these places, in my opinion, is Penylan Pantry.

Penylan Pantry

Based in Penylan, outside the hustle and bustle of the main city centre is a quaint venue little café named Penylan Pantry. Unless you knew it was there, it could almost be too easy to walk past without noticing, especially as it’s not on a main street. In fact, I hadn’t even visited or knew where it was until earlier this year but since my first time, I’ve had several more visits since, seeing this place quickly become a much-loved favourite.

On this particular brunch visit, I was craving eggs in my very tired post night-out state. I wasn’t even set out to eat at the Pantry on this day but another Cardiff venue had run out of eggs on a Sunday *sigh*, so I swiftly changed locations and I’m glad that I did.

So, let’s first talk about the café details. The venue is very light and airy and I believe it can only seat around 20 people at one time but that’s one thing that I actually like. It feels personal and homemade, very much the vibe that I imagine they were looking to create. Amongst the food and fresh fruit and vegetables, one thing I noticed in the venue is that on a shelf behind the til, they have written that they ‘serve good food, not fast food.’ I like that motto and it’s something that I end up looking at on every visit. I think this is because I would rather have a meal that has just been prepared and it takes a little longer to arrive at my table than having food that has come straight from a freezer and into a microwave before being dished up onto your plate.


On this particular Sunday, I decided to order smashed avocado on toast topped with a soft-boiled egg and chillis. I managed to steal some tomatoes from my boyfriend’s breakfast bowl too, adding a hint of sweet flavours which paired so well with this savoury dish. Perhaps I’ll have to request tomatoes next time I visit – I absolutely adore them. What I liked so much about this meal is that everything tasted incredibly fresh, was packed full of mouthwatering flavours and it seemed like a healthy, balanced meal which was a much-appreciated kick-start to my day. Also, the egg was cooked perfectly for my liking – soft and just a little bit runny, how divine. Although it doesn’t look like much, I left feeling full and completely satisfied which is the exact feeling that I was looking for.

Avocado Toast at Penylan Pantry

As well as the food and the fact that they have the option of serving my beloved soya milk lattes, I like the fact that the Pantry focuses on sustainability. When we were visiting, the lady behind the counter, who I suspected may be one of the owners or managers, was explaining to a young boy that they don’t use plastic bags when selling any of their food for take-out because it’s bad for the environment. Instead, she offered up a paper bag which can easily be recycled. They’ve also cut out the use of straws in the venue to reduce waste. I’m quite a fan of that and I really like how they’re showing their values.

On the whole, Penylan Pantry is becoming a favourite venue of mine whether that’s to have brunch of whether it’s to sit quietly with a soy latte and watch the world go by. I know it’s a favourite with a lot of Cardiff folk, but I too want to shout about how great they are because venues like this truly deserve it.


  1. I love going out for brunch! This place looks adorable, I particularly like places that are more personal and cosy. The food looks absolutely delicious!

    1. It’s such a lovely little place and I’m so pleased to see them doing well! The food is absolutely incredible. Thanks for reading x

  2. Love this post! You’ve described the place perfectly and yes, their motto is perfect! I can’t wait to go back again ☺️

    1. Thank you lovely! Same. I’m craving brunch so badly right now!

  3. Yum! Brunch is my favourite because you know you can get a massive meal for breakfast and lunch! The avocado option looks very enticing. Great post xxx

  4. Abi Street · · Reply

    I’ve only been to Pen Y Lan Pantry once but it was amazing. I definitely need to start going out for brunch more often

    Abi | abistreetx

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