Taking time to relax and recharge in Bristol

Over the last few months, posting on my blog has been pretty regular. But as you may have noticed, I’ve been a little bit quieter as of late. This is because life has gotten pretty busy, so I’ve been taking time off from writing to relax and recharge. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing but it does take a lot of time and energy, much of which I was lacking in my personal life.

During my time away from writing, I was gifted a trip to Bristol to help make sure I took some ‘me’ time. We’ve seen the topic of mental health be the centre of attention in the last few weeks, especially in the wake of the recent World Mental Health Day but often, we forget that self-care is essential to our mental wellbeing, so I feel like this was a little reminder.

I ended up spending the weekend in the lovely city just across the bridge, Bristol, with my boyfriend and stayed at the Hampton By Hilton Hotel. This was such a central location, just across the road from Cabot Circus shopping centre and either a very short taxi ride or thirty minutes walk away from Bristol Temple Meads station, so an excellent location if you’re travelling by train which we did.


Much of our time was spent quite literally switching off. On the first evening, we went out for food to Pan Asia, a restaurant serving Asian cuisine just a few steps away from our hotel’s front door. This was exactly the type of comfort food that we were craving on our first evening but after setting ourselves a no-phones rule for that evening, I didn’t manage to take any pictures. But I can tell you, it was significantly enjoyed by the both of us.

On our second day, we got out of bed as late as physically possible just to make it down for breakfast on time. However, after that, we decided to take a stroll around the city centre. This started with a short walk to St Nicholas Market to scope out all of the tasty food to see what was on offer. I’ve heard such rave reviews from Bristolian folk that I knew I needed to pay a visit.


We then strolled through Bristol town, passing the Cathedral, University buildings, countless shops and even artwork from the famous Banksy. It really helped our mood that the weather was absolutely beautiful, so everything had the backdrop of blue skies and the air had a relaxing calm to it. I love walking through cities as I find you’ll regularly stumble upon absolute gems that you would have never otherwise known was there.




Banksy Bristol

As we continued our walk, we hit Clifton, ready to reach Clifton suspension bridge. It’s such a picturesque location that I absolutely had to stop and take a few pictures but I did make sure to put my phone back in my bag once I was done. A small digital detox can do us all the world of good from time-to-time.





We spent our afternoon sitting with cups of tea in Spicer and Cole and eventually made our way towards food at Bravas tapas. I’m quite gutted that I didn’t manage to take any pictures here –  I was too busy enjoying myself! But the food looked and tasted absolutely fantastic and I honestly believe it was one of the best tapas experiences that I’ve ever had. After some (a lot of) wine, we stumbled back through the streets of Bristol to our hotel to have a relaxing evening before setting home on Sunday morning.

Despite only being away for the weekend, it did remind me how important it is to take some time for yourself and put away your phone, even if it’s for just a little while. Life can get so busy and it’s easy to feel guilty for not being able to juggle everything from work, friends, family, social media and even your blog. But it’s important to remember to take some ‘me’ time because everyone needs to relax and recharge sometimes. After all, ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup.’


  1. You did some lovely things, I live in Bristol and always forget how much I actually have around me! I’m glad you had a nice relax xx

    1. It’s very easy to forget how much niceness is around where we live until someone else comments on it! Thank you lovely xx

  2. I must get myself to Bristol- not too far from me but I’ve never been! I hope you’re feeling super recharged! 🙂

    1. It’s definitely a lovely city and so much to see and eat! Thank you, it did help but I’m looking forward to a longer break too! X

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