PennyRoyal Bar

You may not have heard about it yet but a new speakeasy style bar has recently opened in Cardiff city centre, named PennyRoyal. Based on the High Street just a stone’s throw away from Cardiff castle, the bar is in a prime location. Yet, for passers-by, it wouldn’t be incredibly noticeable as there is no real sign promoting the brand, as you would expect for the type of bar theme that they’re trying to create. Instead, the image of the bar is secretive, hiding behind its cover as a bottle shop. I decided to visit on a Saturday evening with my boyfriend as one of the venues we visited for our ‘date night’.

PennyRoyal Cardiff

When we arrived, we were greeted by friendly faces as we took our place on stools by the bar, with a view of the drinks being made by enthusiastic bar staff, who were happy to chat to us all evening. For such a new venue, by the time we had arrived, there were quite a few customers already gathered here to escape the busy streets and horrible rainy weather of Cardiff as we had.

On first impressions, the bar seemed cosy, casual and doesn’t seem as though it would be able to seat an incredible amount of people, which is something that I actually liked – it seemed like a more personal and intimate setting in comparison to a lot of other bars on offer in our city centre. For the last few months, I have started to prefer bars which are more personal, as I’ve grown a little tired of fighting to get to the bar just for a few drinks whilst waving my card around like a mad woman trying to be noticed.

PennyRoyal Cardiff


I ordered a drink called a ‘Chilate’. After flicking through the menu a few times, I really couldn’t decide what I wanted but this drink was recommended by the bartender as I was looking for something slightly sweet but obviously, strong. Priced at £8.50, the drink was made quickly and smoothly and it definitely fulfilled my wishes, as it consisted of rose aperitif and hints of lime, which made it a sweet drink with a slightly sour taste. I would be more than happy to order this again on my next visit, but I’m excited to try more of what the PennyRoyal has to offer on the next occasion.



We only stayed for a few drinks as a stopover in our evening but I instantly became a big fan of the casual atmosphere in this bar which catered for all personal drink preferences. Popular music was played all evening to fit with the Saturday night vibes you would expect, yet it was never loud enough to hinder conversations being had by all, making it easy to be sociable with your party and those around you.

PennyRoyal Bar Cardiff

Also, as a customer, it was so lovely to see that all of the bar staff genuinely seemed to care about the success of the new venue and they were all keen to make drinks that were suited to all of their customer’s tastes. I would highly recommend that people in Cardiff pay this secretive new bar a visit to experience it for themselves. Whether you’re looking for some after work drinks or a night out in the city, this venue certainly has something to offer.

To find out more about PennyRoyal, you can visit their Twitter here.


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