The Brass Beetle

Pizza has always been one of my favourite foods and this probably can be traced back to my first trip to Italy when I was six years old. Since then, I’ve always loved finding places which serve great pizza. This is why I was very excited to attend the press and bloggers opening of Cardiff’s newest pizza restaurant, the Brass Beetle.



Based on Whitchurch Rd, the Brass Beetle offers a lovely black and gold exterior to entice customers in on a road that’s already crammed full of fantastic eating choices. Not only does this restaurant serve pizza, but it also offers a cosy bar area where you can find Prosecco and beautiful cocktails which is a perfect place to relax with friends before the main event. Yes, an espresso martini is one of the cocktails on the menu and I will be trying this on my next visit.

The Brass Beetle Cardiff


The decor of the restaurant overall surprised me – this really wasn’t what I was expecting for a restaurant which focuses on pizza. The whole place is classy and cosy, focusing very much on the little details to help make the experience wonderful and very Instagram worthy. I really like this approach and I think it’s one that we’ve been seeing more of in Cardiff recently. So far, it’s been very popular and it’s not hard to see why.

The Brass Beetle Cardiff


But of course, the main focus was the pizza. Cooked in an open kitchen, the wood-fire pizzas were very clearly made fresh on site and for the whole evening, their aroma circulated the restaurant, which was delicious and constantly made me want to eat more. Unlike many of its competitors, the Brass Beetle offers a very varied selection of pizzas which I wouldn’t expect to find elsewhere ranging from roasted cauliflower, caramelised leeks, Emmental cheese and parsley to cockles, pancetta, lava bread, samphire and parmesan and so much more. But despite being a more classy pizza offering, the prices are fair, with the cheapest pizza a Margherita at £7.95 and the most expensive being £11.95.


I think my favourite of the evening was the sweet chorizo, roast heritage tomatoes, hot honey and mozzarella which was priced at £11.95. Chorizo is one of my favourite meats in the world and it worked perfectly when paired with the sweet taste of the tomatoes and honey. Also, the bread had a slightly smokey taste that you can only experience with wood fire pizzas and it had a gorgeous doughy texture. I think that if you can get the base right, you’ll almost always create a great pizza.

The Brass Beetle

The restaurant had a lovely atmosphere overall. One of the major things I loved was that the staff worked hard to make guests feel comfortable and catered for at all times, which was a very nice touch. It isn’t a big restaurant so I foresee guests having to book ahead if they want to confirm a table for their visit, especially during peak times like weekends.

But I absolutely adored this restaurant and it’s certainly a great place to go if you want some hearty food and an enjoyable evening. Although I’m aware that we have many other venues in Cardiff which already offer great pizzas, I’m glad that the Brass Beetle has opened in our Welsh capital to provide some alternative flavours for our pizzas.

The Brass Beetle Cardiff

If you would like to make a booking or see the full menu, you can visit the Brass Beetle website here.

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