Cardiff International Food & Drink Festival 2017

I love looking for new things to do in Cardiff. We’re usually pretty lucky in our Welsh capital city that there’s usually so much being offered to us, whether that’s a global artist coming to the Principality Stadium to host a gig, a big race that we’d like to get involved in or maybe a food and drink festival. The latter is what I’ll be talking about in this blog as this weekend, the Cardiff International Food & Drink Festival has arrived at Roald Dahl Plass in Cardiff Bay so I wanted to give a quick overview of my experience of the event.

Cardiff International Food & Drink Festival 2017

I paid a visit with my boyfriend yesterday evening, on the opening night of the festival purely because the weather was so beautiful and I couldn’t wait to visit. Already by 6pm, massive crowds of people had gathered to see what was on offer for the festival as with free entry to the event, it was hard to find an excuse not to pay the stalls a visit.

The Cardiff International Food and Drink Festival 2017

Of course, within five minutes, I had already ordered my first plate of food at the Tukka Tuk stall. I opted for Kerala fried chicken and chips and this was by far my favourite dish that I tried yesterday. There were so many beautiful flavours, the chicken was so moist and for £9, I thought there was quite a lot of food on the plate. Later on in the evening, there was a constant queue for this stall and it’s not hard to see why.

Tukka Tuk at Cardiff International Food and Drink Festival 2017

Tukka Tuk chicken Food and drink Festival Cardiff 2017

Then, we ventured to the Mighty Soft Shell Crab stall where we had hoped to order the soft shell crab tempura. But when we visited, they had completely sold out! So instead, we tried their prawn tempura for £8. Ordering this was such a quick decision because we were put on the spot, yet it was still tasty but I probably wouldn’t order it again because the sauce was a little too spicy for me. It looked like these guys had been pretty busy and had started to close before 8pm which is crazy considering that the event was running until 10pm!

The Mighty Soft Shell Crab

The Mighty Soft Shell Crab Prawn Tempura

For our third dish, we opted for some Spanish vibes from the Spanish Buffet. Having seen so many people walking around with giant dishes of paella, we knew we really had to try it for ourselves. For £8, we ordered paella with cider chorizo. I absolutely adore chorizo and this was absolutely packed full of flavour and was a pretty good portion size, meaning I was VERY happy and it appeared to be pretty good value for money. If you get the chance, I would definitely recommend ordering this.

The Spanish Buffet

The Spanish Buffet Paella

There were also smaller stalls available, with one being Ridiculously Rich by Alana. After seeing her compete on the Apprentice, I was absolutely dying to try the cakes which impressed Alan Sugar so much. All cakes were £3 each, 2 for £5 or 5 for £10 but I just wanted to try the peanut butter fudge cake. I was pretty impressed as it was very smooth and delicious, without being too rich and overindulgent. I need to try more of her cakes because this was fantastic.


There was so much more on offer at the Food and Drink Festival, with queues gathering for stalls like Meat and Greek and Dusty Knuckle Pizza for most of the evening. I would have liked to try more dishes but after all this food, I was absolutely stuffed. However, I’m sure I’ll pay the festival another visit before the weekend is over. We also sadly missed out on the much of the Farmers Market element of the festival as it was starting to close when we visited, but there were countless stalls on offer that appeared to be well worth visiting. The event is running from July 14-16. For more information about opening times and what’s available, visit:



  1. xoJenny · · Reply

    Omg those plates of food have me hungry as heck!!! Apparently I need to come to Cardiff to eat!!!

    xo, JJ

    1. You really do! It was good food – I had a blast! x

  2. OMG !Fantastic food festival .

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