Clinique Nude Pop Lipstick

When I was shopping recently, I received a text from O2 telling me that I had a free lipstick waiting for me at a Boots Clinique counter and I could go to claim it that day. As I was already just a minute walk away from my Boots store, I walked to the Clinique counter to see if this offer was too good to be true and if it was genuinely sent from my trusted phone company. But the Clinique beauty assistant assured me that it wasn’t a scam, asked what colour I would prefer to have and sent me on my way with my new prized lipstick, having first booked me into a skin consultation for later this month.


I honestly couldn’t believe that the process was really that simple. I have never bought a lipstick from Clinique before. In fact, I would never think to visit a Clinique counter to find a lipstick because my loyalty usually fully lies with MAC, or Estée Lauder if I feel like branching out slightly, but I know they’re owned by the same company so the money all goes to the same place anyway.


I was offered a Clinique pop lipstick, which is a lip colour with a primer included in the formula. I chose a nude colour as I’m obsessed with having a collection of nude lipsticks and this one is literally called ‘nude pop’. Usually, this product would be priced at £16.50, so I’m very much aware that I had a lucky deal on this particular day.


The tone of the lipstick is more of a pink nude, which I find usually looks quite natural and suits my pale skin tone quite well. However, it’s far from the usual matte lipsticks I tend to reach for, but instead has a velvet, glossy finish. I find that I like this quite a lot for daytime wear when I want my makeup to look quite natural, but it’s not a product I would opt for before a night out. The main reason for this is that velvet finish lipsticks don’t tend to last past my morning coffee in the office, so I’m usually having to reapply it numerous times a day – I can’t even imagine how many times I’d have to reapply during an evening of cocktails. This application process can get a bit annoying, but I do like the look that it creates and I love the creamy texture of the product.


I’m not so sure I would repurchase this lipstick. I really like the colour, love that the glossy finish isn’t sticky like other brand alternatives, and thanks to the primer element, it does last longer than other cream lipsticks that I’ve purchased in the past. However, I think that £16.50 is quite a lot of money for a product that doesn’t last incredibly long throughout the day, especially when my matte MAC lipsticks are around the same price. But I will definitely enjoy this product while it lasts!


  1. We love the formula of these lipsticks! xx, Britta & Carli from

    1. It’s definitely nicer than a lot of other cream lipsticks that I’ve tried!

  2. Such a gorgeous shade on you, and for free?! Cannot complain! 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. Thank you! No I definitely can’t complain 😂

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