200 Degrees Cardiff

As you may have gathered from previous blog posts or certainly from my Instagram, I’m a massive coffee lover to the point where I can barely go a day without my coffee hit. It’s not necessarily a healthy love, but it’s definitely a strong one. However, unfortunately, due to habit I will usually choose to get my caffeine fix from the major coffee chains like Starbucks, Costa and Pret. But lately, I’ve been determined to visit smaller chains and more independent coffee houses. This is how I started to venture to 200 Degrees.

200 Degrees Cardiff

Located towards the Capital Centre on Queen Street, Cardiff, the coffee shop has only recently opened its doors to the people of Cardiff, arriving around three months ago. Since then, it seems to have attracted a mix of loyal followers as every time I have visited so far there’s been a number of customers enjoying their coffees and snacks.

200 Degrees Cardiff

It’s not surprising that 200 Degrees has attracted so many people so quickly. One of the main things that I’ve noticed from my visits is the quality of customer service that all members of staff seem to uphold. Whether I’ve visited stupidly early in the morning or at a busy lunchtime period, the staff are always friendly and couldn’t be more helpful. To me, that’s not only a sign of good management but indicates that the staff are more than happy to work for the company, which is always lovely to see.

Another aspect of the coffee shop that greatly appeals to me is the brand image. I’m a massive fan of the gold branding because I really am attracted to shiny things so it stopped me in my tracks when I was walking past and made me want to walk inside. I find that the décor matches this quite well too, with its cosy furniture and industrial looking lamps. And of course, I can’t write a blog about 200 degrees without mentioning the electric fireplace at the back of the venue, designed to make you feel like you’re at home but a slightly quirkier version.


200 Degrees Cardiff


But while I admire all of these factors which make up the atmosphere of the coffee shop, I have to also acknowledge the real reason I visit – the coffee! Like all good coffee shops, they now offer soya milk for dairy intolerant and vegan customers so this is a massive bonus for me as without this, I would probably never visit. The coffee in itself tastes incredibly smooth and gives you a strong caffeine hit without being in the slightest bit bitter. In the mornings, I feel like this stuff really gives me the kick that I need to master my day which I absolutely adore. Like I said, coffee makes me really happy.


200 Degrees Cardiff

Of course, for a coffee shop to really be a favourite, it must offer fantastic cakes too. I really don’t want to admit how many times I’ve had their banana loaf cake but it’s definitely enough times to make an accurate judgement on it. It’s actually vegan, moist and delicious. If you’re looking for your first cake to order here, I would totally recommend this!

200 Degrees Cardiff

If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m slightly in love with 200 Degrees and it has become one of my most visited coffee shops in Cardiff, so I knew it was time to write about it. Of course, they offer more than cakes and coffee, they also offer a range of lunch options. However, I haven’t tried any of these yet so I didn’t think it was fitting to talk about them in much detail, but I’m sure I’ll be Instagramming something about them soon. If you visit Cardiff often or if you live in this beautiful city, I would recommend bypassing your regular coffee spot and paying 200 Degrees a visit.


  1. 200 Degrees looks amazing! And I totally agree about the branding. Since I’ve moved back from university at Cardiff, I am feeding my missing it with your blog so, thank you! Have you checked out Second Cup Coffee? One of my faves! X

    1. It’s a lovely coffee shop and I’m so happy I found it! Aww that’s so sweet, thank you! I haven’t tried Second Cup yet. I will definitely have to pop in! x

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