Pro Nails Wales Event

I always feel more put together when my nails are done. For some time, my nails have been quite naturally long in length and are always painted. In fact, my friends and family seem to find it quite strange when they’re not and I tend to feel almost naked without it. So given my love of having my nails done, I was quite excited to be invited to the Pro Nails Wales event which was held at the Vale Resort.

Vale Resort, Vale of Glamorgan

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the event. I can’t say that Pro Nails was a recognisable brand to me as I don’t usually get my nails done in salons and I’m aware that they’re renowned for being a professional brand. But when we arrived, we were greeted with champagne and a range of canapés – my favourite, so first impressions were awesome.

Pro Nails Wales Event


Initially, we were introduced to the brand by a few of its Welsh representatives and were given a breakdown of the messages and the overall aim of the brand. If you haven’t heard of Pro Nails previously, they’re a global company which was established in 1981 and has a head office base in Belgium. The company produces a range of nail products including varnishes, gels, hands creams and strengthening lotions to improve the overall appearance of your nails. We had the chance to see a few of their products and from seeing a bit the range laid out in front of us, it seems that the options are quite extensive.

Pro NailsIMG_3420IMG_3418


The nail company has recently launched the Protect & Peel range, a product collection that is said to last up to 14 days after application but doesn’t harm the nails like some gels might on removal. This is due to the fact that Vital Nail serum is applied to the nail before the gels and a protective layer is applied to the nail which can be peeled off when it’s time for removal, so harsh chemicals do not damage your nails in the same way.

During the event, us beauty bloggers were lucky to have a free manicure to try this new product range. I was so excited as I love having beauty treatments. First of all, the manicurist removed my previous nail polish, filed and buffed my nails to ensure they were in prime condition before painting them. Then, she put a nail protection polish on my nail before applying the SoPolish Vital NailSkin which acts as a protection barrier for the nail. Once the complete base process had been applied, then came the time for the colour application.

Pro NailsThere were so many colours to choose from, but I ended up going with a blue-grey sort of colour which I think was called ‘Drink Your Greens’ (but annoyingly I didn’t write down what colour this was!). But the nail colour was a gel polish, so this had to be set using a UV light. I’ve only had this done a handful of times in my life and everytime I have it done, it feels slightly strange! But it was quite a quick process, with it only taking around 20 minutes from start to finish.

Pro Nails

Pro Nails

Pro Nails

I was thrilled with the end look of my nails. Not only was I pleased that I’d picked a colour that turned out absolutely beautiful, but the products have a professional and slick finish – I felt super girly when they were all done. I’ve currently had these nails on for around a week and so far, they’ve remained in a very good condition, with only one minor chip which I can totally live with as it’s hardly visible. I’m hoping they’ll last another week but I will wait and see.

I would happily get a treatment with Pro Nails again. Pro Nails are working hard to make their products available to more nail salons and even in hotel treatment rooms across Wales and the UK as a whole. Having experienced their products first hand, I can definitely say this is a brand that I would trust and be happy to have as part of a treatment in the future.

Pro Nails

Pro Nails invited myself and other beauty bloggers to this event to try the products and for us to give our feedback so although I received this treatment for free, all thoughts and opinion are honest and my own.


  1. Had a lovely time at this event, it was great meeting you! Awesome post, your nails looked lush!

    Abi xo |

    1. Thank you! It was so lovely to meet you too- I’m always so excited to meet fellow Welsh bloggers 🙂 xxx

  2. Loved this post! Was so nice to meet you ⭐️
    Christy x

    1. It was so lovely to meet you too! Thanks for checking out this post 🙂 x

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