Revolution Cardiff Relaunches

If you live in Cardiff, or close-by or even if you were a student based in Cardiff once upon a time, I’m positive that Revolution Cardiff is or was one of your go-to places for a night out. For me, I originally started visiting Revs in my first year of University and most Wednesdays, my friends and I would queue outside in all weathers just to have the Revs night out. So when I was invited to their relaunch party last weekend, I knew it was a night out that I couldn’t miss- I owed it to myself really.

Revolution Cardiff


Based on Castle Street, Revs has had a ยฃ400,000 refurbishment to breathe a new lease of life into the already popular nightclub. Nine of us headed to Revs but I was slightly *fashionably* late so when I arrived, some of my friends were already sat at the table. But as my boyfriend and I went through the door, we were greeted by friendly staff and a cocktail FOUNTAIN. Yeah, that’s right, a fountain pouring out cocktails. And what made it even better was that in the cocktail glasses was candyfloss and a small flower, to make the cocktail sweet, pink and fabulous. There was also a popcorn machine so my sweet tooth-self was beyond happy when I walked through the door.

Revolution Cardiff Relaunch


Our table was very close to the downstairs bar, located at the back towards the outside area. But as we went through the venue, we found that it looked completely different to the Revs that I remembered. Not only was it brighter with a more natural feeling interior, but they have now introduced games into the night club!

Revolution Cardiff

Dotted around the venue were ping pong tables, pinball machines and even space invaders games. This completely changed the vibe of the place, making it feels like a more relaxed area where you could sit, have chilled out drinks and play games with your friends which is exactly what we did. My friends spent ages playing ping pong in particular, but pinball was and always will be a personal favourite of mine.

Revolution Cardiff Relaunch


Revolution Cardiff Relaunch


After our initial cocktail, I was keen to try other cocktails on the menu, especially to take advantage of the 2-4-1 offer before 9pm. Of course, my preference is an expresso martini, so this is what I started with. However, Revs didn’t create a standard expresso martini – in their version there were pieces of chocolate popping candy sprinkled across the top. A slightly weird sensation but this did make the drink quite interesting and I found myself going back for more – several times.

Revolution Cardiff Relaunch


Throughout the night, I also tried a cosmopolitan (which was delicious, by the way) and also some of the famous flavoured Revs vodka shots. I ended up with the cherry vodka and although I knew it was strong, the drink tasted delicious and I would happily order this again. Shot, shots, shots.

Revolution Cardiff relaunch

Despite enjoying the live music and upbeat atmosphere downstairs, for the rest of the night, we spent a lot of our time upstairs. This didn’t appear to really have changed but upstairs in Revs has always been one of my favourite places for a night out thanks to the awesome playlists and big dancefloor. After dancing for a few hours, we were absolutely exhausted – Revs really do know how to throw a party! But overall, we had a great night and the staff couldn’t have treated us better. When we left, the queue for entry ran all the way along Castle Street, proving the continued popularity of one of Cardiff’s most loved nightclubs and I’m positive many people wanted to cram in to see the new look that Revs is offering. Personally, I’m looking forward to visiting again soon and I’m sure my friends feel the same.

Revolution Cardiff Relaunch


  1. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing!x

    1. It was so good – great night out!

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