A day at Cadbury World

As a Christmas present for my boyfriend, I organised a weekend in Birmingham where we’d spend a day at Cadbury World. My boyfriend absolutely loves chocolate so this seemed like the ideal present and as none of us had ever visited before, it was a great new experience for us.

Cadbury World

I bought gift voucher tickets which meant that I rung up and ordered two ‘golden’ tickets that could be redeemed at any time over the next year. This was a great idea because it meant that I could consult with him on dates but still give him the tickets as a present – awesome. I would definitely recommend doing this if you’re buying the tickets as a gift for someone.

Cadbury World

When we arrived, the factory tour was fully booked out for the day which meant that Cadbury was not allowing people to take tours if they just showed up on the day. I was surprised by how busy it was considering how long the factory has been open for! But we joined the queue for entry and once our ticket had been scanned, we were given eight bars of chocolate before entry to the tour! I swear our eyes almost popped out of our heads with excitement and of course, we opened some as soon as we started the tour.


We started the tour looking at the origins of cocoa and learning about where chocolate originally came from a few hundred years ago. Of course, all of this was done with super cool displays and little stops which explained all points in more details. It was a little busy to read all of the signs at some points but the very visual displays helped you to get a general picture.

Cadbury World

As we were guided through the tour, we learnt about the origins of the Cadbury brand and we were able to see how it has developed over the years. I had no idea that Cadbury was originally founded in the early 1800s in Birmingham, developing the recipes of its products over the years to become the recognised bars we eat today. We also had the chance to learn about the benefits that the founders gave to its employees and the type of advertising that the brand has undertaken.

Cadbury World

Also, during the day, we had the chance to see samples of chocolates being made from scratch which was actually a pretty cool experience. We also had a sample of melted chocolate with the options to pick two toppings. I ended up picking fudge and marshmallows and by that time, I had reached my teacher limit. But it was absolutely delicious so very worth it.

And of course, during the tour there had to be a photo opportunity. So we ended up having a photo using the green screen to place our image on top of one of Cadbury’s most recognised bars, Dairy Milk.


There was also a Cadbury shop with more chocolate than you could imagine on offer. Although the products looked impressive, there wasn’t much there that couldn’t be found online or in a supermarket. The prices didn’t appear to be better either, so I didn’t see the point in buying much Cadbury merchandise while I visited the factory.

On the whole, the tour was such a great experience. It ended up being a really fun day out filled with more chocolate than I had originally anticipated. After all, if you don’t visit Cadbury World for the chocolate, then what’s the point in going? However, I’m not sure if I’d want to re-visit anytime soon purely because I don’t know much I could do differently on the tour. There are certain aspects of the tour which are clearly aimed towards children, but I do think that there is value in adults visiting too. I would totally recommend a visit to anyone who hasn’t been and has a love affair with chocolate.



  1. I remember going there as a child 😍 I remember it being like a real life Willy Wonka factory haha

    1. I totally get what you mean! It’s such a fun place. Thanks for reading x

  2. My boyfriend and I went last year and were surprised to be handed so much free chocolate too! We were there just before Christmas, so we picked up a couple of advent calendars, because of course adults should have those, and finished off with a mug of hot chocolate in the café. I most enjoyed learning about how the different bars are made and the history of chocolate! Well worth a visit.

    1. Thank you for the comment! I couldn’t believe how much chocolate they gave us! It was such a lovely experience and something different to do x

  3. xoJenny · · Reply

    Ah what a magical chocolatey place!!!! I love those darn mini cadbury eggs!!! There’s actually the Hershey Chocolate Factory here in the US that I’ve been to, it seems as though it’s some what similar but obviously different chocolate. Except there was a fun amusement park attached a few steps away too which was fun as a kid!

    xo, JJ

    1. Oh my goodness that sounds incredible! If I’m ever in the US, I will most definitely have to visit x

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