My first Reflexology session

If you’re wondering what Reflexology is, don’t worry, I wasn’t too sure what it was before my visit – I actually confused it with acupuncture. So let me explain. Reflexology is a complementary health therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body. I was invited along by the Association of Reflexologists to try out the therapy so I wanted to share my experience with you all.


After reading up about the therapy before I went to my session, I found that there are lots of reasons to try reflexology. For example, it can help with relaxation, improve sleep, releases tension and it can help with your general wellbeing. I had no idea that it could hold so many benefits and as an advocate of anything that can help look after your mental wellbeing, I was really excited to go along for my treatment. It’s said to work alongside traditional forms of medicine, complimenting other forms of treatment no matter what you are going through. It’s an ancient form of therapy and is said to be able to detect imbalances in your body which can potentially highlight any problems or warning signs. I was a little sceptical, but it has been around for hundreds of years and everyone that I spoke to about it couldn’t praise the therapy highly enough.


There are so many qualified reflexologists in the country so I didn’t have to travel far to find a qualified practitioner. I went for my treatment at Lovely Soles in Caerphilly. Based right in the middle of the town centre, it was so easy to find and is based in the mindfullness centre upstairs away from the busy shops.  It is run solely by an Irish reflexologist named Deirdre and I honestly don’t think I could have picked a better person to have my first session with.


I first sat down with my friendly reflexologist and was made to feel extremely comfortable almost right away, talking about travel and our day in general. The whole room was very inviting, with relaxing music, fresh plants and homey features all helping you to feel welcome. The introductory session is meant to be 90 minutes long, costing you £35 and  I spent my first half hour of the session discussing my medical history and had to declare any issues that might prove problematic during our time. It was quite an in-depth questionnaire and I don’t think I’ve answered that many questions about myself, well, ever.

Reflexology at Lovely Soles


After this was done, I was settled onto a bed with my chest propped up and knees resting on a pillow to help me feel at my most comfortable. Once I was in a happy position, the lights were dimmed and Deirdre was able to start her treatment. She started by feeling the main pressure points on my feet to understand my body’s state at the start of the session. As the session went on, she went through all of the key areas of my feet, linking to problems that I had discussed at the start of the session. I was astounded at how much she was able to find out about my whole body and wellbeing just from my feet. For example, she talked about how I carry tension in my shoulders from stress, which I hadn’t mentioned at all. But when I asked how she could tell so much just from my feet, her response was that “They aren’t called the sole for no reason.”

Reflexology at Lovely Soles

There’s no pattern of treatment that is recommended for all clients. As it was explained to me, people turn to reflexology for different reasons whether it’s for stress or potentially if you are looking to get pregnant and it doesn’t seem to be happening or if you have a general health query. The frequency of treatment that you decide to have is completely based on personal preference. Deirdre told me that some of her customers attend weekly, other monthly and other infrequently but when they feel as though they need to release some tension.


After my first treatment, I felt like a weight had been completely lifted. I do suffer from stress issues but it felt like during my session, all of this had been completely wiped away and I felt completely refreshed. I’m so glad that I said yes to going along for a treatment as I know that it would be something that I wouldn’t have even thought about otherwise, mainly because of my lack of knowledge. It left me feeling more relaxed and I know that I’ll be booking another appointment very soon. Have you tried reflexology yet? What did you think of it?


  1. I’ve always wandered what this is all about, so I’m glad you wrote about it!

    1. Thank you – I hope it was helpful x

  2. How did you find it as I’m wanting to go for one? Was the therapist able to pick up on anything? And did you notice any positive changes?

    1. I thought it was a great experience. Yes she picked up on a few health issues that I have too. I haven’t gone again yet but I think if I went frequently it was have an impact on my health in a positive way

      1. I’m definitely going to try this and give it a go ….Thanks for the insight on your blog! As I was actually thinking of getting one done on myself, your blog had been of great help 🙂

      2. That’s such a lovely thing to say. I’m glad I could help! x

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