Meat at 156: The launch

I’m always extremely excited when new food venues announce that they’ll be opening in Cardiff. Meat at 156 was one which I had been keeping my eye on since I noticed them appear on my Twitter feed one day mid scroll. As you can imagine, I was absolutely thrilled when a direct message popped up on my Twitter inviting me to their bloggers launch. I couldn’t have agreed fast enough and spent the next few days dreaming of burgers.

Meat at 156, Cardiff

Based at 156 on Cardiff’s City Road, the restaurant has glass doors which open up into a rustic feeling burger bar. As observed by a fellow blogger, Pip Jones, the red brick wall feature was absolutely beautiful and looked so appealing from the outside looking in. It’s quite a small restaurant which helps it to have a cosy and casual vibe – well suited to the type of food that they serve.


The menu offers a range of steaks, burgers and shakes, all of which we got to try at the launch event. Although we were told that we’d be offered samples of the food, I wasn’t too sure what to expect and how much food we’d actually be able to try.

First of all, as you would expect in any restaurant, the waitresses came around and took our drink orders. As I can’t have dairy, I only ordered a boring Sprite. But my boyfriend decided to opt for the Oreo Milkshake so that I could have a little try. Served in a mason jar, this shake was the perfect combination of Oreo and cream. I would have loved to have drank the whole thing but sadly I could not. So anyway, moving on.


Before we got to try our food, we were told that all meat is cooked on hot charcoals to lock in the flavour whilst adding in a smokey flavour. Mouth watering description, check. After we were firmly settled in our groups, servers started to bring us burgers and the first one we got to try was the Texan. This was made of a beef patty with cheddar cheese, hickory BBQ sauce and fried onion rings. On the menu for £6.95, this burger was slightly giant. The meat was perfectly juicy and ultra tasty making it a great way to start the evening. It was served with skinny fries which tasted fluffy and were completely voice of any greasy feels, meaning I ended up eating more than I would like to admit. I will 100% be ordering this burger again on my next visit.


We also had the chance to try the 14oz T-Bone steak. On the menu for £17.95, this piece of meat is not one for the faint hearted. Chargrilled with a side of fries, tomato, mushroom and sweetcorn served on a slate slab, this steak won my heart. I adored the chargrilled taste as the meat was cooked to a perfect pink medium whilst remaining incredibly succulent. I was more than happy to tackle this plate of food, thanks very much.

Meat at 156 T-Bone Steak

Being the super hungry human that I am, I was also keen to try a few of the side dishes. We had the chance to try the chicken wings, jalapeños with fried pieces of shredded onion and coleslaw. With dish prices averaging around £3.50, I think these plates were great value for money. I’m not all that keen on coleslaw so I can’t say that I tried enough of that to make a strong opinion. But I would say that if you don’t like spicy food, maybe don’t opt for the jalapeños and onion side. Tasty as it was, it will blow your head off! The BBQ chicken wings were a safe staple side for any burger restaurant – super soft and full of flavour.



I think we’re so lucky to have new food venues pop up around the city almost on a monthly basis. Despite parking being a major bugbear of mine around the City Road area, I’m willing to go searching for a parking spot if I can have a dinner which involves tasty food like this. I think Meat at 156 is pretty good value for money and the staff are clearly enthusiastic and attentive which makes the whole experience better. I really hope this restaurant does well in Cardiff, I think it deserves to. These guys are now officially open for business and I’m sure I’ll visit again soon, Meat at 156.


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