Lunch at Milgi, Cardiff Market

In a recent blog post, I talked about my visit to the restaurant Milgi, based on City Road in Cardiff. However, when I visited, the staff told me that they had also recently opened a stall at Cardiff market. I was really excited to go along and try the options on their lunch menu and this week, I finally got the chance.


From first impressions, the stall appears to have a natural feel with wooden stands and fresh plants on display. I would expect nothing less from the plant-based Milgis and it matches the brand of the restaurant perfectly. The stall is very bright, with fresh food on display including some very tempting cakes, which I’ll come back to later on.


I ended up ordering a thai noodle pot and these are individually priced at £4. Altogether, this meal was made up of rice noodles, carrots and sesame, baby sweetcorn, bean sprouts, greens and peas, coriander, thai curry paste and tofu. This sounds like a serious amount of ingredients and actually, it was. All you had to do was add hot water to bring all of the tasty ingredients together. Described as a Milgi alternative to a ‘Pot Noodle’, this pot was packed full of flavour and delicious food that’s actually good for you . This seemed like the perfect meal to keep you going at lunchtime.


Milgi Cardiff Market noodle potimg_1350

As I was already there, I opted for the Milgi lunchtime deal which meant that I could order my main, a side and a drink for £7. So I ordered a lemon, honey and ginger drink and decided to repurchase a beetroot and cocoa ball for my side.

I’d ordered these sweet treats a few weeks ago and I was so incredibly impressed that I have been thinking about them for weeks. They are a perfect way to have something sweet for a lunchtime treat without having something that is completely unhealthy for you. I’ve always loved beetroot and I think this works incredibly well with the cocoa, making it one of my favourite cakes that you can find at Cardiff venues.
Milgi Cardiff market cakes

Milgi Cardiff cocoa and beetroot balls

As for my drink, I chose this because I know that drinking ginger and lemon can help ward off colds. I’ve been feeling quite run down lately and I’ve been concerned that I’m going to get ill. So I felt like this was the perfect drink to have and it tasted delicious. Usually, I’m not a massive fan of ginger when it’s overpowering but the hints were more subtle in this drink which I loved.

Milgi Cardiff Market

Overall, I thought this was a great lunchtime alternative and I know that having this option will please the vegetarians and vegans in Cardiff. I know it’s a growing movement with over half a million vegans in the UK currently and I believe that any restaurant that caters for this lifestyle will be successful. Vegan food is also pretty useful to me as I’m lactose intolerant and have been trying to reduce the amount of meat I have in my diet. However, I probably couldn’t afford this meal deal every lunch as I’m currently budgeting for holidays. But it’s on my list of potential Friday or payday treats!


  1. Alixlouise · · Reply

    Everything looks yummy!


  2. I wish I liked tofu because that looks SO GOOD! I love ginger drinks so that sounds right up my street!

    1. Oh no! I love tofu and I’ve grown to like it more with the more I eat. The ginger drink was totally heavenly though! x

  3. This place sounds so cute! xx

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