Picturesque Porthcawl

As I’m getting older, I’m appreciating more of the wonderful places we have available to us right on our doorstep in Wales. One of my favourite places to visit in South Wales is Porthcawl. It’s a seaside town near Bridgend county that is particularly popular on bank holidays or sunny weekends, even though those are quite rare in Wales. But today I wanted to blog about it for those planning on visiting Wales and for those who perhaps haven’t got around to taking a trip to this cute little destination yet.


Porthcawl, Wales

I’ve been visiting this town since I was quite young and it has been a family favourite for many years. But it’s not hard to understand why. It’s known for being a holiday destination and despite having numerous hotels with ocean views like the Seabank, it also has a caravan park in Trecco Bay where holiday goers can stay. It also has two beautiful beaches which I know are key attractions for many visitors. Well, it definitely is for me anyway.

Porthcawl, Wales


I absolutely adore being close to the ocean and I think it’s great to be able to drive to the seaside just for the day when you need a little escape. I visited last weekend with my boyfriend because despite the stubborn cold winter weather, I’ve really missed being by the sea – it always makes me feel more relaxed. So we ended up taking a walk alongside the gorgeous seafront watching the waves. I did manage to sneak in a bag of chips but hey, it’s pretty much the rules when you go to the seaside.


I’m so in love with this little town and I couldn’t help but take a crazy amount of photos. What’s your favourite place to visit in Wales?

Porthcawl Wales

Porthcawl, Wales



  1. Such a beautiful picture-esq place even in the winter. I personally enjoy the beach during the winter too I mean granted it’s definitely brittle on the skin but its so peaceful and serene without the crazy amount of people inhibiting it! Beautiful photos and you and your bf are just so sweet together!

    xo, JJ

  2. Alixlouise · · Reply

    It looks beautiful and peaceful. I always forget how many nice places you can visit in your home town and places you didn’t appreciate as a child but now you see them differently!

    1. Yeah I completely agree!

  3. This looks like such a beautiful place. I too enjoy being by the sea, even in winter. It just so pretty!

    1. It’s pretty great! I just think being by the sea is super relaxing x

  4. Lovely pictures! I haven’t been to Porthcawl in such a long time; I tried to pop down there just after New Year but couldn’t get parked because it so busy that day! I need to try again ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It’s worth it. Such a relaxing place to visit x

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