Why I’m using soy protein

As a general rule, I love exercising and I’ve tried really hard to get it back into my routine in 2017. Post exercise, I’m an advocate of using protein powders in shakes to help refuel my body and to help my muscles repair. Usually, I would use whey protein but as they contains lactose and I’m intolerant to that particular sugar in milk, I decided that it was time to switch to a soy protein. This is where Plant Based Performanceย soy protein comes in.


I decided early on that a soy protein would be a better alternative to whey because I use a lot of soy milk and my body seems pretty comfortable consuming it. As with any product, there are claims that there could potentially be risks for individuals. For example there are claims that soy protein can cause hormone imbalances and cause you to gain excess weight on your hips and leg area but I’m not entirely sure how valid these claims really are. But actually the good claims around soy protein most definitely appear to outweigh the bad. So I decided that the chocolate soy protein would be the best option for me. It’s currently on sale for ยฃ14 for 300g.

Soy is naturally high in protein
Soy products are naturally high in protein which is what makes them a great alternative to animal products. But not only that, soy is packed with vitamins, minerals and insoluble fibre so basically a whole bunch of good stuff. So I can feel confident knowing that I’m putting all the good stuff into my body.

Plant Based Performance Soy Protein

Protein helps you to build muscle
This is such an obvious statement but I feel like it needs a mention regardless. Having protein in your diet can help your muscles repair and grow which helps with your overall toned appearance when you’re exercising. This is definitely one of my major reasons for using protein powder.

Protein helps you to stay fuller for longer
After exercise, it’s pretty common for me to feel quite shakey and completely worn out. But I’ve found that if I have a protein shake after I’m done, my body returns to normal much quicker and I wake up with fewer aches and pains which is always a bonus. Also, I’m one of those people that are always hungry, so I’ve found that adding a little protein to my morning porridge can make me feel much fuller for longer.

It tastes good
I’m not going to claim to be a protein expert but I know when products taste good. This chocolate soy protein from Plant Based Performance tastes incredible and I’ve even started adding it to my porridge on mornings that I manage to workout.

It’s low in fat
One of the major benefits of soy protein is that it is low in fat. This is particularly useful if you’re trying to watch your calories or limit the amount of fat you’re eating.


I’m really pleased with my soy protein so far, after using it for just over a week now. I’ve been mostly using it after exercise because I’ve found it really helps with my exercise recovery and of course over time it will help me to build some muscle. After having previous experience using whey protein, I’m really happy with my switch to soy and the positive impact it has had on my body and the overall way it’s making me feel.

*I was gifted a sample of the Plant Based Performance protein but all opinions are my own and it wouldn’t feature on my blog otherwise.


  1. I’m always trying to find a good protein powder that I could use when making protein shakes after working out. My boyfriend has one but I’m not a total fan of it, taste is great, but I think his is much more enhancing than I need. I like the sounds of a nice soy based protein! I’m going to look into it!

    xo, JJ

    1. It’s worth a try and I’ve found it’s been really gentle on my stomach. If you do try out this brand, I’d love to know what you think! x

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