Cocktails at 29 Park Place

I love an evening of cocktails. If I go out with a group of friends, one of my favourite things to do is go to a bar that serves cocktails where you can have good drinks with great company. As mentioned in a previous post, 29 Park Place is one of my go-to food and drink venues in Cardiff and this week, I was lucky enough to get invited to a bloggers event there where we could try out their fashionable cocktails. Oh, and they threw in a few plates of food too because they were so good to us.

Food & Drink at 29 Park Place

First, let me just briefly talk about the venue. 29 Park Place is based opposite the National Museum on the iconic street of Park Place in Cardiff. Usually known as a street that houses law firms, this bar and restaurant has fitted in perfectly with the relaxed atmosphere and an eclectic  mix of furniture.


So anyway, back to the drinks. We were allocated three cocktails each so I decided to pick a mixture of cocktails and mocktails. For my first drink, I order a ‘Harry, You Lemon!’ which was made up on 29 Limoncello, Velvet Falernum, Milk and Lemon. This would usually be priced at £5. First of all, let’s just say that this is a noticeably beautiful drink, even if you aren’t a blogger and obsessed with pretty things. The flower decor really did make the presentation look pretty special floating on top of this frothy drink. Obviously made frothy with the added milk, this drink has a foamy texture which slightly resembled a thinner lemon mousse. For me, I love lemon mousse so I thought this product was absolutely delicious and I really wouldn’t hesitate to order it again.

29 Park Place cocktails


Next, I ordered a mocktail in the form of ‘Keeps The DR Away’. Priced at £3.50, this drink was made of Cinnamon, Vanilla and Apple. Served in what appeared to be a whiskey glass, despite being a mocktail it had a very classy appearance. Placed on top of the drink was pieces of dried orange which gave off a beautiful scent when drinking. I adore anything that taste like cinnamon so if you’re the designated driver, this is an amazing mocktail for you to try.

29 Park Place cocktails

The last drink I tried was another mocktail called the ’29 Tonic’. Again, priced at £3.50, this drink was made of Lime, Orgeat and Fevertree Tonic. This drink was a gorgeous reddish pink colour but I found it tasted slightly more bitter than the previous drinks. I know some people absolutely love the bitter taste in their cocktails but I’m more of a sweet kind-of-girl. But it was still pretty enjoyable even if it wasn’t my favourite of the night.


The food was also a pretty great treat. We had the chance to try Nachos with sour cream, cheese, salsa, guacamole, and jalapeños. Nachos are one of staple snack foods, especially when you go to a bar but these were fresher and tastier than other alternatives that I’ve sampled in Cardiff.

Nachos at 29 Park Place

We also had the chance to try their pork belly bites and bread and oils. These small plates are usually priced at 3 for £14. I think they’re great sharers for a small party if you’re out for a few drinks after work or preparing yourself for a big night out. All of the food was incredibly tasty and I’m already thinking about when I can have it again.


I know I’ve raved about 29 Park Place in a previous blog but I honestly cannot rate them highly enough. I think they’ve very cleverly created a venue which caters to a mix of ages and can accommodate customers if you’re just looking for a snack, a big meal or even a night of cocktails. Personally, I think they’ve become a great addition to the Cardiff food and drink scene and for that reason, it’s a venue that I will continue to visit frequently. If you haven’t visited yet, then you really should.

*Although this was a bloggers event where we were invited to try the food and drinks, all comments are truthful and all opinions are my own. 


  1. mmm the limoncello one speaks to me, I’m a total lemon anything fanatic (except weirdly enough not a fan of an actual lemon unless its in my water lol) This place looks and sounds just darling!!!

    xo, JJ

  2. You always go to the best blogger events, Rachel! I’m like you and loveeee a good cocktail or two, especially in a pretty setting like this! If I ever go to Cardiff, I’ll make sure to pop in here! xxx

    1. Haha Millie, anything with food or makeup and I’m there! You really should, it’s pretty amazing. They have a sister bar too called Dead Canary which is amazing! Hopefully will get a review of that up soon xx

      1. Oooh yay I’ll look out for it! xx

  3. The cocktails are beautifully presented (I love the flower decoration!), and I’m sure they tasted amazing too. Looks like you had a lovely time, Rachel!


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