GUEST POST: Cardiff’s Veggie and Vegan Eats

This week, I’m so excited to be sharing a guest blog from one of my favourite Cardiff bloggers, Nadine Pinnock. I asked a few of my favourite local bloggers to share some of their favourite places from around the city so I’m hoping to post more of these over the next few months. And as she’s a vegan, Nadine decided to talk about the best places to get vegan and veggie food around our Welsh capital. So read on to check out her amazing blog. 


When moving to Cardiff for University in September, I was so excited to explore the new and exciting vegan options a bigger city has to offer. Although I am no culinary expert, I know a delicious meal when I eat one, and I know when vegan food is really, truly satisfying.

When it comes to eating veggie, Cardiff has a plethora of options. The question is, how do you narrow down the basic from the brilliant? This post will hopefully give you a head start in knowing what’s what when it comes to Cardiff’s meat-free meals.

If you’re looking for somewhere fully vegetarian, so as to avoid cross-contamination or to ensure your options aren’t limited, the four below will welcome you with open arms and delicious grub:

Vegetarian Food Studio

This curry house is a haven for lovers of spice and flavour. You can rest assured that everything on the menu is vegetarian, and care is taken to label Vegan-friendly items. Expect to find your old favourite curries and Indian bites made vegan, not to mention a few new dishes to take your fancy. With the never-ending menu, and prices suitable for any budget, you can’t say no to an evening at the Vegetarian Food Studio (but, if you’re as lazy as I am, you can get home delivery)!

You can find the Vegetarian Food Studio in Penarth Road, their website is here.

Anna Loka

Anna Loka is a 100% vegan café based in Roath. Not only do they cater to the growing vegan population, but there are plenty of gluten-free options too. They serve an awe-inspiring range of wholesome, satisfying breakfasts and lunches day to day, and you can visit for an exclusive Sunday menu too (nut roast, anyone?). With super reasonable prices and fresh food, it’s definitely worth a visit or two.

Anna Loka is situated on Albany Road, their website is here.

The Moos

A fast-paced set up rather than a restaurant, The Moos is another plant-based café. You can take your food away for your lunch break or you can eat-in for a lunch date. If you’re a healthy eater, you should try one of their colourful, refreshing salads, or for more indulgent snacks there is a variety of sandwiches and paninis – including a vegan sausage sandwich! If you’re a busy veggie, then The Moos Coffee and Juice is your haven.

The Moos is based on Whitchurch Road, their website is here.


Rachel recently blogged about this restaurant herself, so I don’t need to praise Milgi much more. But it would be odd not to mention one of Cardiff’s best veggie and vegan joints in this post! The nourishing meals will satisfy even the cravings of a non-veggie, for whatever the occasion – breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you’re a veggie or a vegan in Cardiff and you haven’t already tried Milgi – what are you doing?!

You can visit Milgi on City Road, their website is here.

Milgi battered haloumi 


 Cardiff’s vegetarian and vegan scene is not limited there. There are plenty of restaurants that serve meat but also offer some of the tastiest plant-based dishes around. Perfect if you’re eating with non-veggie friends!

New York Deli

Writing about yet another lunchtime joint, it’s apparent I love a good sandwich. New York Deli is a cosy, chilled out deli that serve up a huge variety of bagels, sandwiches and hot dogs. Us vegans can delight at their collection of vegan meats and cheeses, and the portion sizes will make your jaw drop. My first taste of Cardiff’s vegan options, and I will preach about it forever.

New York Deli is situated in the High Street Arcade, their Facebook page is here.

Cosy Club

Cardiff’s much loved (and much-instagrammed) Cosy Club is the perfect place in the city centre to chow down after a long day of shopping, or on a quiet evening date. They have a separate vegan menu, offering all types of meals for brunch-ers or diners, or even vegan tapas if they take your fancy.

You can find Cosy Club in the city centre at St Davids, their website is here.

The Plan

Another gem found in the arcades, the plan is trendy spot for a coffee and brunch. Although they don’t have a separate vegan menu, they have delicious vegan options, and other meals can be made vegan upon request. A cosy corner to enjoy a meal before returning to the city centre, it’s worth a stop if you’re passing.

The Plan is in the Morgan Arcade, their website is here.

 Being vegan in Cardiff is a piece of cake (sometimes, quite literally). This is by no means an extensive list as vegetarian and vegan food can be found all over our wonderful city. Whether you’re a long-time vegan or a meat eater who is just intrigued by the delicious plant-based food on offer these days, I hope I’ve given you an idea of what’s on offer to you in Cardiff.

Don’t forget to find Nadine on her socials channels:

Twitter: @justdeenie
Instagram: @just.deenie
YouTube: Nadine Pinnock


  1. It’s awesome how there are more and more restaurants that are catering to vegans. Even though I personally am not, I know people that are and sometimes they struggle with places to eat- I think people just need be more aware of the different diets out there to better satisfy people. I’m glad that where you are you’re finding some new spots to choose from!!

    xo, JJ

    1. I totally agree with you! I think this post from Nadine has really highlighted some options that people may not have been aware of. I’m not a vegan but I’m always open to having vegan meals and visiting vegan restaurants x

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