The harsh reality of getting fit again

At the start of the New Year in 2016, we all said that this would be the year that we would get into shape and finally get back to the body that we actually wanted. I didn’t reach this point until February when I saw a picture of me that completely horrified me and had me convinced that I was heading in the wrong direction with my weight. So instead of crazy dieting, I decided that I wanted to get into shape by exercising more and eating just generally healthy food. That’s exactly what I did and I was a lot happier with my shape and it helped my overall wellbeing. But in the winter months, I started prioritising other things over exercising and it quickly fell out of my routine. I bet I wasn’t the only one too.

However, in 2017 I am determined to get fitness habits back into my everyday routine. I went for my first run of 2017 this week and was surprised by the terrible results. So that got me thinking about the harsh realities that we all face when we start getting into fitness again.

You will not be able to run the distance that you used to.
Sadly, you may have spent most of 2016 working up to your distance goal whether than was 10k or a whole marathon. Unfortunately, unless you are some kind of fitness superhuman, it’s seriously unlikely that you will be able to run the same distance that you did a few months ago. But that’s okay. Your body is not used to performing at this level anymore but you can work back up to it.

Nike Running App

Your gym clothes may not be as flattering as they used to be.
When you start getting into shape, if you’re like me, I usually reward myself with some new gym clothes. Yet after a few months off, I didn’t look the same in these clothes as I did at§ the peak of my fitness which was a slightly demoralising start. But hey, this is where winter layers can be your best friend.

New Look running leggins

Getting motivation will be hard
Starting off, you’ll either go one of two ways. Either you will be like ‘YES, let’s do this!’ or it will be ‘I really can’t be arsed to go for that run but I know I should.’ I was definitely the second alternative. Motivation isn’t easy when you’re out of practice but scheduling days to exercise can really help.

Outdoor activity is HARD in winter months
My go-to fitness habit is running but in the winter months, it’s hard enough to breathe in these ice cold temperatures never mind pushing your body to its currently unfit limits. If you want to run outdoors, there is no solution to this. Except maybe a body warmer. Also, you’ll pretty much have to get used to running in the dark if you choose to run before or after work. It sucks, I know.

Looking at Insta fitness accounts will get you down
For a bit of extra motivation, many of us will follow fitness or healthy living accounts on Instagram so we can look at the perfect bodies of other individuals and say ‘I will look like that soon’. But after a few weeks of training, it can start to get you down, particularly if you feel like you’re not reaching your goals quickly enough. Seriously, unfollow these accounts. Everyone has a different body shape and will respond different to training. All progress is good progress and you don’t need to compare yourself to an insta-perfect body.

It will be worth it
With all that being said, exercise is so important and that’s why so many of us make the resolution to get better at it every year. Not only is it great for keeping your body toned and in shape, it’s also great for your mental health, it improves your bone health, reduces your risk of high blood pressure and reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease, to name a few benefits. It’s also pretty fun so it’s no surprise that many of us want to keep getting better at it.

How are you finding your exercise routines in 2017?


  1. Great post! I’m the tying to stay fit and be more healthy this year after a few months off too, and I can be hard to get back to it. I can definitely relate 🙈 x

    1. Thanks for your comment. It’s so hard getting back into fitness after months off! But good luck, I’m sure you’ll get there x

  2. After reading this, I feel better knowing that I am not the only one feeling like this!
    I know I NEED to sort myself out- eat more healthily and do something physically active- but like you wrote, I am the “just can’t be bothered” person at the moment! Yet I keep torturing myself and looking at all these super fit, fitness people online! I think I am hoping that I will be inspired and push myself to go get fit!
    This week I am determined to get back to the gym and start feeling better about myself!

    1. I think after being out of the habit for so long, it’s easy to be in the ‘I can’t be bothered state’. I think it’s okay to be like that though, it’s completely normal. I hope you find your motivation and achieve your goals! x

      1. Thanks Rachel! I think I might push myself back to the swimming pool- it’s always been my favourite place to exercise.

      2. I was thinking the exact same thing! You’re not dependent on the weather then either! x

  3. lovejennyxo · · Reply

    Proud of you to resorting to exercise over those crazy diet plans or worse starving yourself. It’s definitely tough to get back into the work out life buttt eventually it just becomes your every day routine that you’ll soon feel weird not working out! Im with you, getting new gym clothes is a great motivator!!! You can do it!!!!

    xo, JJ

    1. That’s such a great comment, thanks girl! It’s hard to stay motivated but I’m determined to do it this year!

  4. louisechatters · · Reply

    Your positivity is inspiring! I want to get fit this year too! Last year I completed Couch to 5k which was so good at boosting my fitness levels. I was clearly a complete beginner with running but the winter months along with my work routine meant I couldn’t run at all during daylight hours. So I feel your pain with that one!
    You seem so motivated! You can do it!
    Great post X

    1. I’ve heard so many positive things about the couch to 5K! I want to give it a go soon. Winter months are such a destroyer of fitness unfortunately. Thanks girl ✨

      1. louisechatters · ·

        You definitely should! My fitness improved so rapidly with it!

  5. As soon as I made that new year’s resolution of getting back into shape I instantly felt regret. It’s so hard to get back in the game after not having done anything, but hey, if not now, when? Loving this post because it highlights the struggles, and that it won’t be easy, BUT it will be rewarding.

    Loving your blog by the way, would you be interested in sharing your work elsewhere, letting your voice be heard, and also taking your writing to the next level? I’d love to talk to you about our platform. Simply shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested, you can find my contact details on my blog. Hope to hear from you soon.

  6. I so agree! Love this! And yes…I think as we age even InstaFit accounts do more to depress than uplift😜

    1. I couldn’t agree more!

  7. Your article is a hard work: great, detailed, and truly inspirational. I know how important it is for us to get inspiration and motivation for our daily practice. I agree about the clothes…. I started my daily exercises half a year ago and I am proud to say that I have lost 20 pounds, but it is not about what I have lost. It is about what I have gained. Yes, the muscles, but most of all – self-love, self-respect, better balance…. I am 47, and my two college students (children) are proud to see their mom back in shape. I am an new blogger. I am glad that there is an opportunity to share one’s experiences and interests with people of the same interests. I have an Instagram account (evaisco) and a Facebook page (Wise Living), as well as YouTube posts where I share my accomplishments and successes in fitness, and healthy living. I started meditating around 8 years ago. I read and studied many different schools and techniques, and I do practice mindfulness and pranayama. I practice yoga daily for half a year, and cooking vegetarian and vegan dishes. On my new blog I am sharing all this experience with everyone. I hope you can follow and find my articles honest and interesting. Thank you, and good luck.

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