Christmas Eve Traditions

Happy Christmas Eve everybody! Excitement for Christmas day is now unreal in my house and I’m sure it is in yours too. My Christmas presents are all wrapped for friends and family and I think I’m even more excited about giving presents this year than receiving them! I say this but I’m sure I’ll be like a kid again tomorrow morning.


I thought Christmas Eve was the perfect time to share a post about Christmas Eve traditions. Although we may share some similar activities across the Christmas holidays, I wanted to talk about how families approach Christmas Eve differently.

For me, Christmas Eve is usually spent visiting family members in the daytime. This is usually my uncle and auntie, cousins and a couple of very close family friends. This whole experience is made even better by the smell of cinnamon and Christmassy scents in their homes and of course, an unlimited supply of food. This is when the realisation kicks in that it’s actually Christmas and I’m officially allowed to be super excited, even if I have been for the whole month. The evening is usually spent opening cards between my immediate family and followed by a screening of the Polar Express until the clock hits midnight. Then I can go to bed and *attempt* to sleep.

I know some people enjoy going out on Christmas Eve, but being out until late on the Eve of the best day of the year really isn’t my thing. I don’t think I’d enjoy a hangover on Christmas morning at all. But that’s just me. So I wanted to ask some other people what  Christmas Eve traditions they had, and these are the responses I had:

“We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve in Poland so we open our presents then and have a big supper with the family by candlelight.”

“Christmas PJ’s!”
 Abbie Stacey

“The one thing I do on Christmas Eve every year is bring out everyone’s presents and lay them out all in individual piles, it’s like the first time everyone gets to see their presents – it’s really exciting!”
Maria J

When I’m not travelling I try to spend every Christmas Eve with my friends eagerly awaiting Santa with a few festive drinks in the Malsters in Llandaff. My best friend Charlotte and I have been going since we were teenagers and are now joined by our husbands and friends. It’s one of my most favourite nights and I will miss everyone this year as I’m currently on honeymoon in Central America all over Christmas!”
Pip J

I don’t really have a set in stone tradition. I usually just do some last minute shopping and we get party food from M&S.”
Jessie-Ann L

“Christmas Eve is spent with my close family watching Christmas films or TV Christmas special.  We have nibbles and I usually have a glass of Baileys and we’ll listen to Christmas songs.”
Tiffany P

I work in retail so all I ever do on Christmas Eve is work.”
Laurie A

“My favourite tradition is that every year myself, my two brothers and my sister cram ourselves into one bedroom and put our Santa sacks at the end of our beds, ready to see what surprises will be inside them in the morning.”

“My family always stay up together and play Wizzard at midnight (it has to be that song) and my dad lets us open our chocolate presents when it gets to midnight!”
Nadine P

My mum’s tradition for us since we were little is every Christmas eve, we get new pyjamas, mug with hot choc and sweets, then a new film. Sometimes a Christmas film, sometimes just a cute one we all wanted to see.”
Charlee T

Every Christmas Eve, I usually go to the local pub with a group of my best friends for a few drinks and a catch up before Christmas Day.”
Estrella T

In my family, we usually give each other new pjs on Christmas Eve and watch the Muppet Christmas Carol together.”
Ffion D

“Christmas Eve for me usually involves lots of films and new pj’s to mark the occasion.”

If you have any Christmas Eve traditions, I’d love to hear about them. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!




  1. Can’t wait for the foooooood!;)
    Xx finja |

    1. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. lovejennyxo · · Reply

    the pajamas are for sure my favorite too!

    xo, JJ

  3. Aww it’s so lovely to read about other people’s traditions! Thank you for including me, lovely! I must return the favour and think of a nice post for the new year to include other bloggers in! I’ve been inspired by you! Merry Christmas 💕 x

    1. Always love getting comments from you! No problem, was great to include you and hear about your traditions. Hope you had a wonderful break lovely xxx

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