A day in Lake Bled

In a recent blog post, I wrote about a trip to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, with my brother as part of a December getaway to take advantage of the Christmas markets. And while I was there, I knew I absolutely had to visit Lake Bled as it was only 40 minutes away by car, so really, booking this trip was inevitable.

Lake Bled SloveniaI’ve been looking at Lake Bled for quite a while now and it’s one of the most popular destinations in Slovenia, seeing over 4million visitors this year, and for good reason. If you’ve ever visited any of the lakes in Italy, you’d understand why I now have an obsession with finding similar lakes in other countries and Slovenia has an incredibly noteworthy contender.  I thought Slovenia was an absolutely stunning country before, but then Lake Bled really confirmed it for me with its picture-perfect beauty.

Lake Bled SloveniaBased in the town of Bled, the lake has a length of 2km and the scenery is completely picturesque. With an island based in the middle of the lake which holds a church that experiences a number of visitors every day by boat, Lake Bled is a place unlike any other that I’ve visited in the last few years. We didn’t manage to go to the island ourselves, but it looked so fantastic and I think it would be such a wonderful experience when visiting, although it would be very cold if you visit in the Winter like we did.


The whole town of Bled had a relaxing air and truly lovely scenery. Being in a place like Bled made you appreciate the mountain views and simple things, like complete quiet with serene surroundings. Bled is quite a vacant town in the Winter as most tourists choose to frequent this destination in the Summer, so it’s a perfect location to escape to if you’re craving fresh air and some downtime.

On our visit, we were keen to take a trip to Bled Castle, based 100m above the lake on the side of a clifftop with evidence tracing the castle back to the 11th century. It is home to a museum collection featuring information about Lake Bled and its history but it’s not hard to see why 30,000 visitors make the journey to the top of this hillside to reach the castle annually – the panoramic views from the castle were truly outstanding.

Lake Bled Slovenia



And of course, apparently, you can’t visit Lake Bled without having a cream cake, or so our guide informed us. Although I have dairy intolerances and couldn’t finish the whole thing, I will admit I did have a few bites just to taste which just ended up making me sad because I would have loved to have eaten it all. But if you do visit, make sure you order one for yourselves. And yes, they are enormous. We enjoyed ours in a hotel with an open view of the lake – paired with a cup of tea, this was absolutely delightful.


I would really recommend a visit to Lake Bled. Even in the colder winter months, it was a very beautiful place and being there for just a few hours made me feel ridiculously relaxed and rejuvenated. I can imagine in the Summer months it would be even more breathtaking, albeit packed with tourist, but I’d happily settle for visiting in the Winter again just to experience these views.

Bled Castle Slovenia




  1. It looks so beautiful and I love your photos ☺️ I love taking a day trip to a different town or city when I’m away somewhere. It looks so peaceful, like somewhere you could really relax after lots of exploring in Ljubljana! xx

    1. aww thank you lovely! It was almost like walking into a beautiful film set. I absolutely adored Lake Bled and would recommend it to anyone x

  2. It looks so tranquil and a beautiful day for photos (… I love cream cakes!)

    1. Oh my gosh, the lighting was so perfect for photos so that made me really happy! A truly beautiful place though. The cream cakes were so delicious, I was gutted that I couldn’t have a whole one to myself!

  3. aysemerved · · Reply

    Great post, it’s looks beautiful and the photography is amazing! X

    1. That’s such a nice comment, thank you lovely xx

  4. Beautiful photos! I went to Lake Bled last year I loved it there 🙂

    1. Aww thank you lovely! It’s such a wonderful place! Did you visit in summer or winter?

      1. I went in the summer it was amazing. Went for a swim and had such a relaxing day. I think it would also be beautiful in the Winter when it snows.

      2. That sounds so lovely! I noticed they had areas set up for swimming so that would be amazing in the summer. Totally with you on that, I saw pictures of the lake covered in snow and it looks incredible

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