Ice Skating at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland

I haven’t shared many Christmassy posts with you guys this December and this does not make me happy. I was really aiming to do blogmas this year but it just so happens that I haven’t had many posts planned in due to a busy schedule and a trip away so I’m even more excited to share this post with some serious Christmas vibes today.

Winter Wonderland

Another seasonal first for me, I recently took my first trip to the ice rink to go skating with my boyfriend for an hour long skating session. I can’t believe that I’m saying this at the age of 22 but I have never skated before as I would usually be so caught up in deadlines or competitions due to run in January. So I was incredibly excited to go for my first time although it was a little bit daunting. I mean, what if I made a complete fool out of myself?! There are always passers-by who could see me fall!

Cardiff Winter Wonderland

I went to the ever festive Cardiff Winter Wonderland, based opposite Cardiff’s museum in Gorsedd Gardens, where they have a gorgeous ice rink set up under a cover and dazzling fairy lights sprinkled above your head which makes it appear as though you’re skating under the stars. I am absolutely in love with the way they have decorated the rink in comparison to previous years, so I’m really lucky that this is the year I finally got to go. Tickets were £9.50 each for an hour on the ice rink with the hiring of skates included. I thought this was a pretty good deal.

Cardiff Winter Wonderland

Once I had squeezed my size 5 feet into my skates, it was then time for the big step on to the ice. If you’ve never been skating before, it feels totally weird and completely unlike anything else. The closest thing I could compare it to would be roller skating but even that’s a push! It was almost as if my brain couldn’t comprehend how to move! But once I got going, it was pretty fun. Despite falling on my ass one time, I think the whole experience went quite smoothly, for a first-time experience anyway. The ice could get a little busy at times so I found myself swerving to avoid couples and teenagers everywhere. But it’s totally expected at this time of year. Despite my struggles, I actually kind of got the hang of it around half way through although I still had quite a few little stumbles. I’m already excited to go skating again and I’m definitely hitting Winter Wonderland again before Christmas!

Ice Skating at Winter Wonderland


  1. lovejennyxo · · Reply

    Ah that lights!!! I love it! Ice skating is SO fun, I’m not much of a skater but we have a few outdoor public skating rinks in my city and theyre always so fun to do. Great winter activity!

    xo, JJ

    1. Yeah it’s definitely something fab and different to do in the winter months! Thanks for commenting, lovely xxx

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