Brodie’s Coffee Cabin Cardiff

Today I just wanted to share a very short post about one of the most adorable coffee places that you can find in Cardiff, Brodie’s coffee cabin. Based in the beautiful location of Gorsedd Gardens opposite the National Museum Cardiff and in the near vicinity of Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland, Brodie’s is a place that I usually walk past everyday on my way to work without even thinking of stopping. However, I was recently stopped in my tracks by their clever marketing tactics.

I’m a big fan of brands that can catch my attention with a clever use of marketing, perhaps it’s the PR girl in me. But honestly, who can resist a sign as clever as this one?


So last week I finally stopped off and decided to buy myself a coffee here on my way back to work from my lunch break. I’m one of those people who NEVER carries money with them, so I was praying that they would let me pay by card. And thankfully, they did even though I only bought one coffee. I was really pleased that they had soya milk on offer as I’m dairy intolerant so normal milk is now pretty much a no-go for me. But I was a little surprised that they charged 40p extra to have this. I know it’s more expensive than its dairy counterpart but I’m not too sure how I feel about this, especially as other coffee houses don’t charge more. Perhaps that might be something that would change in the future.

Brodie's Coffee Cardiff

But I have to admit, the coffee was pretty damn amazing. And you could tell it was good as my tired body perked up after only a few sips of this strong stuff! I like my coffee to have a decent caffeine kick, otherwise surely I would buy decaf?!

However, they don’t just offer coffee and other hot drinks alike. No, Brodie’s also sell ice-creams, freshly baked cakes and also some delicious sandwiches. I didn’t get to try anything else when I visited as I didn’t realise how much they actually had on offer and by this point, I had already had my lunch. But I’m so excited to go back and try more! I loved the location, the people running the cabin seemed pretty friendly and I absolutely love supporting those brave individuals who work hard to set up their own businesses. Have you visited yet?



  1. This place sounds so sweet! I’m the same and would rather give my money to a small business than Starbucks! It’s a shame that places still charge extra for soya milk 😔 but I guess it’s difficult to break even or make a profit when you’re a small business so I kind of understand! Still, it’s a bit annoying for those who can’t have normal milk! But their coffee cups look really cute! xx

  2. Yes it is slightly annoying that they charge more for soya milk but I understand that it is more expensive. But it does mean extra costs for those who can’t have dairy which is a shame. It is a really adorable place though xx

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