Tis the season for Snow Fairy

I absolutely adore this time of year. We have officially reached November so that means most of us are now on the countdown to Christmas. I am one of those people who tends to go completely all out and get waaaay too excited so obviously, I’m now going to be throwing in Christmas themed topics on my blog in the lead up to the big day. And today, I’m starting with the Snow Fairy shower gel from Lush.

A seasonal favourite from our much loved cruelty-free cosmetic brand, Snow Fairy appears every year and is a product which is regularly heavily featured on blogs and Instagram accounts across the country. But it’s so wonderful that people honestly can’t shout about it enough. This year, I will be one of those people.

Lush Snow Fairy

I usually live in hope that someone will remember to buy me Snow Fairy for Christmas but as my friends and family have opted for more bath bomb products and my regular favourites, I decided that this was the year I would finally lay my hands on a bottle of Snow Fairy – because I’d be buying it for myself.

I decided to purchase a medium sized bottle which is a 250g product priced at £7.95. I know some people will read this and think, £7.95 for a SHOWER GEL? But hear me out. This is no ordinary shower gel. First of all, let me say that Lush products are such great value for money because you never have to use much of them at any given time for them to be effective. I say this every time when I write about a Lush product but I honestly cannot highlight this enough. I use around a 5p coin amount of product when I don’t have a bath scrubber to hand. But when I do, I use even less. Yet, even this small amount spreads easily across my whole body and is enough to make me squeaky clean.

Lush Snow Fairy

My favourite part about this product is the smell. Lush really created something special when they introduced this shower gel of candyfloss goodness to their stores. It’s a very sweet smelling product so if you don’t like the smell of pink bubblegum, this isn’t for you. But thankfully, I absolutely adore it.

Plus, I really love the hot pink colouring. It brightens up my bathroom on a dreary winter morning and is completely different to any of the other products that I use. This shower gel is such a winner but don’t forget, it is only seasonal so after Christmas the Snow Fairy will be flying off our shelves until next year. Make sure you grab yourself a bottle before it’s too late.

Lush Snow Fairy


  1. XandraRose Blog · · Reply

    Lovely post and beautiful pictures! I am one of those who gets completely obsessed and goes over the top with christmas haha but i love it. I do like snow fairy but I can’t say i’m the biggest fan of the scent, I find it a tad too sweet but in small doses it is just right xx

    1. It’s always nice to speak to someone who loves Christmas as much as I do! I’m quite a fan of sweet smells but I can understand that it might be a bit too much for some x

      1. XandraRose Blog · ·

        I will always be more than happy to have endless conversations with you about christmas haha! xx

  2. cheskaaanels · · Reply

    This is a new one for me, I only just purchased some for myself to try! I wasn’t even expecting the sweet smell but is a lovely touch! Its so cute I love it!


    1. It’s such a gorgeous product, I’m in love with it x

  3. This looks amazing, I will have to try it, I love lush Christmas stuff 😍 xx

    1. It’s a lovely product. Super pretty and smells delicious! xx

  4. I really want to try this! Xxx

    1. It’s so worth it! They have smaller versions that you can try if you didn’t want to get a big bottle to start off!

  5. […] for money. I would recommend this jelly to anyone as it isn’t an overly sweet smell like Snow Fairy  but it has a classic cinnamon and apple scent that I absolutely adore in the lead up to […]

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