Celebrating Halloween with my first pumpkin

Happy Halloween lovelies! I just wanted to share a quick post for you all as this weekend, I managed to carve my FIRST ever pumpkin. At 22, I realise this is quite unusual and is probably something I should have done at a much earlier age. But usually, my family don’t really go mad for Halloween so it’s not something we’ve ever really done. But this year, my boyfriend and I decided to carve a pumpkin with the help of my trusty beagle puppy, Toby.


I was given my pumpkin from my bosses at Station Rd. Marketing with the challenge of creating the best pumpkin possible. As this was going to be my first ever attempt, I already knew mine was going to be pretty shocking and wasn’t going to win against the rest of the team. But my main goal was to make it a bit of fun and get into the Halloween spirit.

We followed the instructions from Google and started by cutting off the top first. My first thought was oh great, this will be the easy part. And I was wrong. Turns out you need a very strong, sharp knife to do this and sadly a little bit of strength too.

So take two. We got a very sharp knife and managed to cut off the top after several attempts. Then the next step was to scoop out all of the pumpkin insides. I decided to keep the filling in case I decide to make some form of food out of it. I probably won’t, but the optimism is there.


Once we had gotten everything out, I then decided it would be a fabulous time to start drawing on a face with my trusted sharpie pen. Again, I probably could have done this better. First of all, I gave our pumpkin a square mouth. I’m not ENTIRELY sure why I did this, but it seemed like a great idea at the time. I’m hoping it’ll look better once it’s lit up.


It was pretty much all downhill from there. We decided to give the poor guy eyebrows and that just ended badly. His whole face kind of ended up looking slightly messed up as the eye sockets started to collapse but hey, for a first try, I’m not complaining too much.


This was Toby’s first Halloween and first time ever coming across a pumpkin. I’m not entirely sure what he thought of it. As a beagle, of course everything has to be fully inspected by sniffing it for a significant amount of time before a decision can be made on whether he likes it or not. If he doesn’t end up barking at it, this is usually followed by a look of ‘what the hell is this?’ or he will try to eat it. As you can see from the photo, he went with the first one.


I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween guys and I hope you managed to get one last Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte before they sold out, I know I did.

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