Henry’s Cardiff Opening Weekend

In a recent blog post, I talked about how I was invited to the Henry’s Bar Cardiff VIP launch event where we had the chance to try canapés of food from the new menu and drink some fabulous Prosecco. After doing this, I was keen to go back and visit Henry’s bar on the opening weekend after the new brand relaunch to see what the atmosphere, staff and food were like on a busy Saturday night.

I ended up booking a table to seat myself and seven of my friends, as I thought it would be great to go out in a massive group because you know, it was a Saturday after all. When we arrived, we were told that we would be split into two bar booths and that it hadn’t been made clear that we would be ordering food. This was a slightly disappointing start as the group that I visited with didn’t all know each other, so some introductions were needed. However, our waiter was absolutely fantastic and when I expressed this concern, he found us another table before even the whole of my party had arrived. He also made sure that our whole party always had drinks and that he had taken our food order as soon as we were ready. Amazing customer service, check.

As I had had Prosecco on Thursday, I decided to go for something different this weekend. So I ended up sharing a bottle (or three) of Vendange White Zinfandel Rose with one of my friends. Usually I find that when I end up buying a bottle of wine at a restaurant, I expect prices to start at around £20. However, this bottle was more around the £16 mark, with different bottles of wine ranging from £15 upwards so it wasn’t too expensive at all.

But some of my friends decided to choose some more colourful cocktail options which I was slightly jealous of and will be trying out next time.


For my meal, I wanted something that I hadn’t yet tried from the new menu. As we had had quite a few canapés on Thursday, I decided to opt for the Cumberland sausages and mash. As simple a meal as this is, sausage and mash is such a pub/bar food classic and is particularly brilliant in the cold winter months when you’re looking to eat more comfort food than usual. Although it’s quite a simple meal to make, not everyone gets it right but Henry’s really did. All of the food tasted fresh and was cooked perfectly, with the red wine and red onion gravy being my absolute favourite part. At £10.49, I thought this was quite a cheap meal option too.

Henry's Bar Cardiff

We all ended up having a really great evening at Henry’s bar. Considering it’s not a location where I would usually end up meeting my friends, I think everyone was really pleased with the food, music, service and of course, alcohol. After the evening, I thought Henry’s bar was a great place to have in Cardiff and it’s definitely somewhere that I will be visiting more often from now on.


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