Sunday strolls

As mentioned in a previous blog, I absolutely love getting outside to go for a walk and today, we had the perfect weather for it. In the fresh autumn air, it wasn’t too cool but was a beautiful day so I was very keen to get outside.

One of the places that I’ve really wanted to visit recently is the lakes in Clydach. Based in the heart of the Rhondda valley, this was an area which was once dominated by the Cambrian Colliery but today, it is far from an industrialised coal mine. The area is now a beautiful, tranquil spot where visitors can go to relax at the bottom lake with the lakeside cafe to sit and watch the world go by. Or perhaps you might want to take a walk deeper into the countryside to reach the top lake.


However, I’m not that kind of a girl to sit and do nothing so I was rearing to get walking up to the top lake, which is an estimated 20minutes walk from the bottom. This isn’t a particularly difficult walk and if you like scenic routes then this is definitely for you.

Clydach Lakes Rhondda

As you walk up the paths, not only do you pass streams of water running between the two lakes and the houses overlooking the lakes, but you also pass a memorial site for the Cambrian Colliery which commemorates those who died in an explosion in the mine during the 1960s. The flowers left at the bottom of the memorial site shows how this disaster is clearly still having an impact on those left behind. The mining shaft, which has been allowed to remain in its place is on display to indicate where the entrance to the mine used to be, marking the history of the area for all to see.


Clydach Lakes Rhonnda

Another ten minutes after this point, we reached the top lake which was truly beautiful and made the walk very much work the effort. Being at the top lake makes it feel as though you are in the centre of the forrest and makes you really appreciate some of the amazing sites we have in our South Wales Valleys. We’re quite lucky, don’t you think?




  1. livilovessite · · Reply

    I love strolling around, and I’m desperate to get a doggy so I can go on strolls with them 😄

  2. I haven’t been here yet but your photos are so lovely, it’s in my to do list!! Have you been to Brecon? It’s my fav place xx

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah I go quite a lot but haven’t got around to blogging about this yet. It’s an incredible place. Thanks for checking out my blog x

      1. Yeah it’s stunning!! I’ve been looking for welsh bloggers to follow so glad I came across your blog xx

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