Vegan festival comes to Cardiff

Before I start this blog, I want to make it clear that I’m not a vegan. Although I’ve been trying to incorporate more vegan meals into my diet and it has been something I have been considering for several months, I’ve not fully converted to the lifestyle by any means.  But regardless of this, I was keen to visit the Welsh Vegan festival when it came to Tramshed in Cardiff this weekend because I’m really keen to try all different food and attend as many events in my home city as possible.

Welsh Vegan Festival Tramshed

First of all, let me say this was a very popular day, with people queuing to get inside the whole time that we were at the event. Entry was £3 on the day but the VIP tickets that had been bought in advance were £10. Due to a friend not being able to attend on the day, my friend and I were fortunate enough to get these tickets and have the opportunity to look around. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived the VIP goodie bags had run out, but I was assured that some would be sent out in the post.

I was so surprised by how much was actually on offer. Not only did this event offer savoury food and delicious looking cakes, but there was also stalls dedicated to fitness, clothing and make-up, showing just how many aspects of your life that you can make cruelty free.

Welsh Vegan Festival Tramshed

As always, the food was the most appealing part for me. As I’ve been looking to have more vegan meals, I found it really interesting to have a look at what types of food were on offer. The first thing that really caught my eye was fully loaded nachos. For someone that cannot eat dairy, this was almost a dream come true and the vegan cheese was absolutely delicious. This dish from Tex-Mex vegan street company, Mex It Up,was definitely a winner and I would recommend this to anyone!

Vegan fully loaded nachos

We also tried vegan burgers from SGAIA with ‘bacon’ and ‘egg’. I was REALLY looking forward to trying this but sadly after taking a few bites, me and my friend both ended up giving each other the look that said “this really isn’t for me”. After I had eaten some, I ended up feeling pretty ill so perhaps not all vegan substitutes will be suitable for my sensitive stomach.

Vegan Burger Tramshed

But I really couldn’t leave without getting a chocolate and coconut slice from Deb’s pantry which I am saving to have a little later with a nice cup of tea. Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of this stall when I really should have – everything looked and smelt incredible!

From hearing people around us talk, it seemed pretty obvious that a lot of the people at the event were actually dedicated vegans which I assumed would be the case. So I think for the following that this lifestyle attracts, the event was well put together and had so much to offer. It was also a really great way to help get the vegan community together. But for me, I think this event made it pretty clear that I’m not ready to convert fully to veganism yet, despite there being some really tasty food on offer and some really valuable information that I hadn’t previously considered. However, I do really appreciate why many people have now turned to the vegan lifestyle both ethically and due to health benefits, so perhaps it will be something I will consider again a little way down the line.

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