Society Standard – Welcome to Cardiff

Ever since Cardiff’s newest bar & kitchen, Society Standard opened a few weeks ago, I’ve been absolutely dying to try it. And this week, I finally got the chance.

Society Standard Cardiff

Based on Whitchurch Rd outside of the main city centre part of Cardiff, the restaurant has a quirky, industrial style in terms of decoration with art on the walls that appeared to be up for sale -nice touch. Open from 10am-11pm, the venue covers brunch, lunch and dinner and can seat around 100 customers at any one time. It has a bar area which looks to be a very appealing place to meet friends and have a few casual drinks and has much smaller tables where customers can sit with their drinks and enjoy a few snacks.  The restaurant is part of a sister group of bars, with two other venues based in Bristol – North Street Standard and the Urban Standard.

Society Standard Cardiff

What first struck me was the range of options on the menu. It has options which cater for vegans, traditional bar food, healthy salad plates and so much more on offer. One thing that was particularly appealing to me was that they offered a seasonal option on the menu, meaning that they served food which has ingredients that are currently in season.

While I was pondering over the menu options, my boyfriend told me that these guys serve the best olives and as they’re a secret obsessions of mine, I couldn’t have got a bowl in fast enough. We had quite a big serving for  something that’s usually classed as a little bit of ‘picky’ food and the olives were large, tasty and not overly salty. All in all, a perfect bowl of olives that were quickly devoured.

Society Standard olives

I ended up choosing a seasonal option as I figured that it would only be on the menu for a short amount of time. As I’m trying to incorporate more veggie and vegan dishes into my diet, I ended up selecting the Spinach Dahl with courgette pakora, tomato chutney, chargrilled spring onions and coriander yoghurt. It sounds like a pretty healthy option compared to some of the more meat and cheese filled plates on the menu, but I honestly don’t regret my choice at all. The meal was absolutely delicious and was packed with flavour from all the different vegetables included in the ingredients. At £9.50, I thought this was a fantastic option without being overpriced. And also, look how pretty it was?!

Society Standard Spinach Dahl

I absolutely love the fact that more restaurants such as this are now catering for more vegan and veggie customers. I’m hoping that eventually by trying all of these different food options, I will make a more conscious choice to buy food that is healthy and ethical.

On the other hand, my boyfriend ended up picking the Cubanos sandwich, which is slow roasted pulled pork, Swiss cheese, mortadella, and American mustard press into a baguette. I think he was pretty stuffed once he had finished but was a massive fan of the dish. Although, it doesn’t look as pretty as mine, right?

Society Standard Cubanos

All-in-all, we both absolutely loved Society Standard. The food, the atmosphere and the staff were all fantastic and I for one can’t wait to go back here and try more off the menu. I’ve already recommended it to friends so I thought it was definitely something that I had to recommend to you guys!



  1. livilovessite · · Reply

    OMG that place looks so good 😀

    1. It was amazing – was definitely worth the visit

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