Relaxing with Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb

This week, I tried another Lush bath bomb because I still can’t get enough of them. I didn’t even mean to buy one but when I went in to pick up my face mask, I just couldn’t resist the colour or the smell of this particular one. For those of you who’ve bought the Blackberry Bath bomb before, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Lush Blackerry Bath Bomb

Marketed as a bath bomb that will help you to relax, some of the key ingredients are Frankincense oil and Bergamot. Bergamot is frequently used in aromatherapy to help with anxiety, depression and any nervous tension. While on the other hand, the Frankincense oil helps to slow down your breathing and have a positive effect on your wellbeing. Sounds like a perfect combination for helping you to switch off, doesn’t it?


I absolutely adored the smell and the colour of this bath bomb. Out of all of the ones I have previously bought, this has now topped the charts and is my current favourite. It left me feeling extremely relaxed and refreshed, particularly due to its antibacterial properties, which is exactly what I want from a bath bomb. Although ยฃ3.35 is quite expensive for a bath bomb that only has one use, I see bath bombs as a great treat to help wind down from a busy week.

Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb

What’s your favourite bath bomb? I’d leave to hear your recommendations!



  1. livilovessite · · Reply

    I love this, it’s one of my all time faves ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    1. It’s great isn’t it? So glad I picked it up by chance

  2. Looks so nice! Makes me think of being cosy in a bath in the Autumn! X

    1. Yes, that’s exactly what it’s perfect for! Thanks for checking out my blog

  3. Love that purple color! My fav bath bomb is Intergalactic!

    1. Ooh I’ll definitely have to give that one a try- thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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