Hello Autumn…

Autumn is a season which I am appreciating more as I seem to get older. I usually absolutely adore Summer but unfortunately, we haven’t really experienced much Summertime weather here in the UK this year. I’ve stayed a pastey white all year around this time unfortunately.  So I’m looking forward to cosying up and updating my Autumn wardrobe with some new boots, jackets and pretty jumpers. IMG_6226

Of course, Autumn was officially marked today with the launch of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice drinks – say hello once again to the pumpkin flavoured Frappuccino and Latte. They are both completely calorific, of course, but they taste so delicious that it’s really hard to not buy them. And Starbucks are obviously promoting the drinks absolutely EVERYWHERE so it’s pretty hard to ignore.IMG_6230

I will be updating my blog in accordance to the fantastic Autumn season so I will be sharing more outfits, beauty tips, training routines and any fun things that happen in Cardiff. Can’t wait to keep you all updated, hope you have a wonderful start to your Autumn.

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