Did someone say spa day?

I love the idea of spa days but for whatever reason, I never tend to get around booking one. But it was recently my best friend’s birthday and as part of her celebrations, we decided to book a day at the Hilton spa in Cardiff.

This idea all started when she found a Wowcha code for full access to the gym and leisure facilities for £10 for two for a full day. Included in this deal was 25% of any pre-booked treatment so obviously this was a no brainer.

The spa in the Cardiff Hilton is on the second floor and has its own sign-in point. When we were checked in, we were given keycards for the lockers and had everything explained to us, no hassle at all. The staff honestly couldn’t have been better.


We had both pre-booked a back,neck and shoulder massage for 25minutes. After the discount had been applied, this came to £30 each which I thought was pretty reasonable for a pamper day treatment. I had the first appointment and when I went into the treatment room, it was full of amazing scents and an extremely comfy massage table. I was asked if I had any issues with my back (which unfortunately I do) and the treatment wasn’t a problem at all. After the 25 minutes, I was left unbelievably relaxed and honestly, I would go back again.


After the treatments, we decided to hit the gym. As we were visiting the Hilton, we expected it to be quite impressive with lots of equipment which unfortunately, it was not. There were very few weight machines on offer and it was quite a small room which I can imagine feeling very packed very quickly. It didn’t really feel like a real gym, it felt more like someone’s garage that they decided to use as a gym. I don’t think I’d be in any hurry to get back here again.

Next, we decided to hit the pool. Swimming is one of my favourite cardio activities but I never get around to going very often. Again, the pool was pretty small but as there were only three people using it on this particular day, that wasn’t really an issue and I managed to swim lengths undisturbed.

Then, it was decided that the sauna was a must. I never really realised that there are some great benefits of using a sauna, including: flushing out toxins, weight loss, helping to make the immune system stronger, helping you recover from workouts and making your hair look great, just to name a few things. So it’s possible that I’m going to have to get myself more regular access to a sauna.

Cardiff Hilton Spa day

And of course, we finished off by using the steam room. I know this can help improve your skin and open up your airwaves so I thought it would be a great way to end the day. But we couldn’t stay in here for very long as I was massively overheating and whatever was in the steam seemed too overpowering for my eyes. On the plus side though, my skin felt and looked amazing afterwards so it was worth it.


Although the day was overall quite enjoyable and I left feeling more relaxed than ever, I probably wouldn’t visit again as other Cardiff hotels appear to have much better spa facilities and gym equipment. I would have expected more from such a well recognised brand but I’m not complaining too much, it was an awesome deal.

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