Dining at Wahaca

A couple of weeks ago, I finally managed to visit Wahaca, Cardiff for the first time. I’ve wanted to visit this restaurant for quite some time, but never really got around to it. For those of you who haven’t heard of Wahaca before, the restaurant describes itself as Mexican market eating. So if you don’t like Mexican food, this place maybe isn’t for you. But if you do, let me fill you in.

The first thing that I really liked about the restaurant was the overall decor inside. Hanging down from the ceiling was beautiful lights and the whole place was overall bright and colourful.

Wahacca Cardiff

The menu had SOOOOO many options to choose from. I was keen to try the smaller food dishes and take advantage of the street food option. It’s recommended that you order 2-3 plates of smaller dishes per person. So I went for the higher amount and went for three, obviously.

The first dish I ordered was chorizo and potato quesadillas. These basically looked like little sandwich parcels and tasted delicious. Chorizo and potato are two of my favourite things so there wasn’t any possibility that I wasn’t going to like this dish. And they were pretty filling too.

Wahacca Chorizo and Potato Quesadillas

Then I also ordered grilled steak tacos. Although it wasn’t a particularly Instagram worthy dish, it was pretty amazing. Slightly awkward to eat, but so definitely worth it. If you like steak and guacamole, you will love this dish.

Wahacca grilled British steak tacos

For the third dish, I ordered devon crab and MSC shrimp taquitos. Out of the three dishes, this wasn’t my favourite but that’s not to say it wasn’t still delicious. I think the salad was one of the best things about this whole dish, it was fantastic but I wasn’t a massive fan of the tacos in a roll – not 100% sure why.
Wahacca Crab and Shrimp taquitos

And of course, dessert. I LOVE dessert but unfortunately as I’m lactose intolerant, there’s usually quite a lot I can’t eat on restaurant dessert menus. But Wahaca was different. I managed to order fresh pineapple and caramel and it was completely stunning, refreshing and something I have been craving ever since. It also comes with a serving of vanilla ice cream which I will admit, I did sneak a little bit of.

Pineapple and Caramel at Wahacca

Wahaca was a wonderful experience and it’s great to have such a variety of different food available in Cardiff. I would visit here again but mostly I would say that the street food is better for lunchtime, especially if you’re like me and like to eat a lot. However, they did have the option of bigger dishes which would be perfect for a dinnertime meal.

Dining at Wahacca Cardiff


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