How many miles should I be running to lose fat?


I’m a big fan of running and it’s usually my go to exercise. This isn’t because I’m good at it, I’m not particularly. It’s just because I find it to be a great way to relax, unwind and it does help me to keep my weight under control. But I’ve read so many articles that ask how many miles should I be running every week in order to lose weight. And I must admit, I have always wanted to know the answer to this.

I recently came across an article on UK Women’s Health which helps to answer this question, so I thought it would be really interesting to share with you all. The article refers to research conducted by the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness which claims that we don’t have to run a marathon every week in order to lose weight. In fact, after conducting a study using 538 newbie runners as participants, it found that runner only had to cover more than 3.1 miles per week, or 5k. Obviously, they would need to be watching what they eat at the same time but this is clearly great news for those of us who aren’t great long distance runners (especially me).

My aim is to cover around 1.5miles per run and I try to get out around 3 times a week, sometimes 4 if it’s possible to fit in. I try not to overdo it with running as I have injuries in my knee and my back but I’ve found that running consistently has really helped me to lose fat (although I do still have a bit of a way to go) and relax after a hectic day. Happy running everybody!


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