Fashion Trends to look out for Spring/Summer 2016

Despite having the fashion section of my blog for a little while now, I haven’t done a post like this before so I thought it would make a nice change for you guys. I’ll keep it quite short because I know it’s always better to get straight to the point when talking about fashion.

Basically, after a little time spent on the Vogue UK website this evening, these were the three key fashion trends they highlighted that caught my eye the most out of their selection: The End of Skinny Jeans, Rainbow Palettes and Off the Shoulder styles.

The end of skinny jeans?
Say it isn’t so?! I am one of those girls who is completely obsessed with skinny jeans. I don’t even think I own a different style of jeans because they all tend to make my thighs look extra large (in my own opinion anyway). My skinny jeans are reliable, stretchy and beautifully high waisted, just how I like them. But is it time to start considering other styles of jeans again? Vogue refer to the reliable Levi 505 style and after much deliberation, I’m seriously considering giving something new a try for 2016. Are more traditional jeans the right option going forward? Vogue believes they will provide a more firming and flattering shape for your behind compared to skinny jeans which tend to flatten your worked-for butt. Would you give up your skinny jeans?

Time to get rid of skinny jeans?

Rainbow Palette
Colourful patterns aren’t exactly ground-breaking for Spring and Summer. This is taken for granted almost every year that these seasons will inject a little colourful life into our wardrobes. I love spring and summer because they really do make the fashion world a happier place.

Vogue Rainbow Palette

Off-the-shoulder styles
According to Vogue, this style was seen on catwalks this season by the likes of Oscar de la Renta, Lanvin, Balmain and many more. Not only does this style show off your shoulders but it strays away from typical off-the-shoulder dresses. We are now seeing a trend of shoulder revealing dresses thanks to perfectly designed necklines and a variety of styles. This is definitely a trend that I am loving right now.

Vogue off the shoulder




  1. I loved this. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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