Wash yourself ‘Beautiful’

It’s only been about a week since I last posted about a Lush product but this one just made me very happy so I felt like it deserved a post and a review for you guys. So here I am introducing you to Lush Beautiful shower gel.

I’ve bought Lush shower gels before but I usually favour their shower jelly range mainly because I really appreciate the squishy texture. So this was a nice little change from my usual. I like shower products that smell quite fresh, usually things that will help me to wake up a little in the mornings. This shower gel has an adorable peach and apricot scent which really does help me awake from my slumber. It’s quite a warming gel also, which is particularly useful for these sad and gloomy winter mornings. Lush tend to promote this happy product as something that will put a smile on your face in the morning – very clever and very accurate. I really like that Lush market their products for the ‘feel good’ appeal.


I don’t know what it is about this product but it seems to be like it could almost belong on the bathroom shelf of a Disney princess. The glittery look helps to give this gel an extra special gorgeous, sunshine glow appeal. And of course, I’m like a little magpie so anything that sparkles is instantly going in my basket.

I tend to buy the smallest size shower gels purely because I like to mix them up quite frequently. For 100ml of this product it’s £4.95. I don’t really use much for every use because it has a thick texture and isn’t thin and watery like other shower gels on the market – a little goes a long way when it’s paired with a body scrubber.

What are your favourite Lush shower gel products?



  1. Bloomify · · Reply

    I really want to try out more products from Lush!

    1. I’ve reviewed more of their products on my blog – I’m a bit obsessed. Have a scroll through if you like 🙂

      1. Will do 🙂

  2. prettydaring · · Reply

    This sounds like it would be lovely! I recently reviewed one of. The Lush facemasks which I’m loving – feel free to check out my post http://bit.ly/1PeSMEC X

    1. Thanks for reading my blog! Fab I’ll have a look 🙂 x

  3. I love their Comforter shower cream 👌😍 I also love their Intergalactic bathbomb 👌 Have you tried it? I also had Lush haul recently. You might want to check it out 😊

    1. Thanks for reading my blog. Awesome – love recommendations! Thank you

      1. Thank you! Maybe you also would like to follow me back and we could support each other on the road of blogging 😊

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